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Daisy & Lauren Johnson

The latest recruit to our Daisy & series, we sat down with one of the faces from our party-ready Palms campaign, Minnesota-grown Lauren Johnson. A star in the making, from her pottery skills to parkour-mad pet cats, we got to know Lauren a little better as we talked all-things Christmas songs, rollerblading, and her much-discussed shoe collection. Oh, and a bit about jewellery too!

So, from growing up in chilly Minnesota, how did you end up in the year-round sunshine of LA?

From Minnesota, I started modeling in Chicago. Things went well, so I signed with Nous models in LA. After one job, I decided to test the market and stay. Next thing I knew I'd flown back to Chicago and had all my belongings shipped to LA!

Tell us, where is your happy place?

There are many! I enjoy being around close friends and family in an environment where we all feel at peace, usually outdoors. When it's just me, I enjoy anytime I have to be active in nature. Oh, and I love a good rollerblading session!

At Daisy, we hold sentimental pieces of jewellery close to our heart. Tell us about a piece that means something to you.

When my grandmother passed, I received a lot of the jewels she wore. I adore them and try to incorporate them with most of my outfits. I gravitate towards them when I need some extra comfort, or should I forget how powerful it is to know your worth. I have many necklaces and earrings of hers that I love wearing along with my Daisy pieces.

Model, ceramicist, student: you're a busy lady! Tell us about your ceramicware...

Sometimes I feel like I'm too busy for my own good! It's difficult to balance all of the things I love and want to learn more about. With ceramics, I chose to take a step back and only do custom orders (for now!) allowing me time to create new pieces that really resonate with me, with a free creative mind.

We loved shooting our Christmas party vibes Palms shoot with you. So, where are you planning on spending Christmas this year?

I'm so happy to be spending the holidays with my loved ones in Denver. I want to be with family and close friends for Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Years! Growing up, I loved the feeling of family getting together and catching up with relatives that I'd not seen in ages! I can't wait to see my nieces. Christmas is way more fun with kids around!

Who are you gifting Daisy this year, and what are you sending them?

I love gifting year-round, just to say "I love you, I'm proud of you" so I'll be gifting family and friends small things for Kwanzaa. For my father (who never spends money on himself), I'll be gifting him the From Dawn and 'Til Dusk candles because they are simply divine! And for my mother, I'll be getting earrings—not decided which ones yet, she loves them all! My sister is going to love her Daisy Huggies, and my brother will be getting one of the simple chain necklaces. I'll be gifting a few secret Santa gifts, but I'm going to keep them a secret!

Word on the street is you're a bit of a shoe fanatic! What's your party look this year? And what jewellery are you wearing with it?

Who told you this?! Ok, so it's not like I have a massive walk-in wardrobe shoe collection, but I do love the beauty of funky shoes. Honestly, my go-to party looks are all over the place. This year I am going with my staple 'Lauren' outfit—loads of mixed patterns and textures, probably slick my hair back so you can better see my favourite jewels: my Daisy Huggies, newest chain necklace, and Palm ring.

We love your energy on set. What's your star sign, and what does it mean to you?

My birthday's 6th June, meaning I'm a Gemini with a Pisces moon and Libra rising. On the one hand, I don't live my life by my star sign, and at the same time, I find it equally fascinating. I think there's something there, but I haven't had the time to form a concrete opinion on how star signs show up in our lives. Doesn't stop me loving a fun Gemini meme though!

Aside from Daisy, what two brands are you loving right now?

Clothing-wise, I usually look for vintage or tailor my current clothes to make something new. But right now, I'm in love with just about every Tyler McGillivary piece.

Tell us something that made you laugh recently.

Easy. Watching my cats on my Nest camera running around the house doing parkour. I just adore them. If you've ever wondered what your animals do when you're gone? Put a camera up. It's highly entertaining.

You've been a Daisy girl for a while now. What three words sum up the brand to you?

Effortless, refreshing and long-lasting. I love you ladies and the team. I really enjoy our time together and can't wait to see you soon!

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