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Layering Necklaces: Finding The Perfect Pairing

When it comes to necklaces, who can pick just one? Leaving the house with only one necklace is simply not an option. Layering necklaces is a fashion trend that’s fast becoming a classic look that’s here to stay - we still can’t get enough!

To help you achieve the perfect layered necklace look, we’ve pulled together our 5 go-to layering looks with some of our most loved Daisy necklaces.1. The Chain Layer
For those who are lovers of chains, this layered look is perfect for you! The base layer to any chain look has to be our go-to classic, the Snake Chain. The flat Snake Chain paired with the Stacked Linked Chain adds a bit of drama and the delicate Stacked Essential Chain ties the whole look together.

2. The Silver Stack
Playing with different length silver necklaces creates an element of interest to a simple look. The Sunburst Shield necklace is the standout piece here and to match the carved sunburst pattern of the long necklace, we’ve paired with the Mini Sunburst Shield necklace. The Goddess Snake Chain finishes off the look, with the thicker chain contrasting the delicate links of the other two necklaces.3. The Simple Yet Sophisticated
This layering look is perfect to add a bit of colour to your layering game. The conversation starts with the iridescent Isla Mother of Pearl Necklace. To complement the shimmering stone pendant it’s paired with another beachy treasure we love to wear all year round; the Sundial Shell Necklace. The last element of this look is a detailed and delicate, in the form of the Tidal Twist Chain.4. The Floral Stack
Sometimes it's nice to have one statement necklace layered with a few smaller chains for added interest. Taking centre stage here is the English Daisy Necklace, a dainty chain with a carefully crafted daisy pendant. Because one necklace is never enough, this look is paired with the Stacked Essential Chain and Tidal Twist Chain, two of our favourite delicate chains to add interest without bulk.4. The Golden Pendant
Layering necklaces can be used to add interest to even the simplest of black t shirts. Take advantage of this blank canvas and play with different size chains and pendants. This golden look features the chunky chain and textured pendant of the Artisan Woven Necklace and a rope chain and embossed flower pendant of the Orchid Necklace. The herringbone chain of the Snake Chain is perfect to add a final bit of texture to this layering look. 

When it comes to layering necklaces don’t be afraid to mix metals, play with different lengths and layer different size chains. To get started with your own layering look check out our Layering Necklaces edit for all of our favourite layering necklaces in one place.


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