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When we were choosing who would showcase and celebrate the SHRIMPS x DAISY collection, it was important that they be more than just the face of the collection. Someone who loves both brands and epitomises the spirit of the collection. Enter: BEKA. Musician, creative, style icon and friend.

Tell us where your journey to creating music and becoming BEKA began?

It started as the classic, having parents who didn’t play pop music but loved Jazz, we’re wild for Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones and film score, so I grew up in home with imagination sparking music and so felt verydrawn to the arts. I then studied music at uni and went on to have the opportunity to song write, play live and collaborate in various bandforms and then some lovely friends HONNE who I’d been to uni with, got in touch and asked if I wanted to do BV’s with them on their world tour, naturally I said yes please!I ended up having a song on their album together called “Crying Over You” and then we did a cover of another song of theirs that went viral in Indonesia, which at the time I’d called myself ‘BEKA’ for but truly was just having so much fun. It wasn’t until a night in LA preshow when they asked me why I didn’t make my own music. I sort of fumbled that it felt too high a mountain to climb to make musicfor the reasons I love it (it feels like an art form that can heal and challenge and evoke empathy in such a powerful way) but that this felt too much to even begin thinking about, but they challenged me. This challenge led to a bit of a glassceiling breaking mentally for me and allowed me to be honest about the fact that this was something I’d always wanted and from that day, I guess it all started unravelling! You’ve got to love those friends who give you space to be honest.

You’ve got exceptional style! How would you summarise your fashion and jewellery style?

You are very lovely, thank you! I’d say my main style inspiration has always been iconic, liberated old ladies! I love powerful shapes, bold texture, embellishment, tulle, and everything overall to feel chic. I think those themes cross over into what I’m drawn to in both my fashion and jewellery. I love pieces that can stand alone and also pieces carry absolute intrigue.

We talk about jewellery being our everyday armour, how does jewellery make you feel?

We get so used to the weight of jewellery on our skin that I think it becomes a little part of us, like a tiny superpower, that no matter how subtle, we really notice when it’s gone. I was given an opal engagement ring by my best friend who I met at 15, and before then had been taken by my Grandma to get my ears pierced and she gave me my first delicate gold hoops. I remember both times feeling how beautiful jewels make such a memory and now they’re both little boosts in my everyday that make me feel more me.

How do you choose your stage outfits?

I guess much like your love of the daily armoury, my stage looks definitely do the same for me. They’re less alter ego and more voluminous versions of what I love for everyday! I often go for something that’ll move with me but also really add more to eachmovement. I also love how textures can play with stage light and whata strong silhouette can do against a backdrop. I think we love to lose ourselves at a show and so I try to make myself feel liberated also with the hope that it’ll give me a boost that’ll then help the audience feel they can let go too.

What are your favourite pieces in your jewellery box at the moment?

I was recently given a pair of opal earrings that are an heirloom from my Grandma to go with my engagement ring so, I’m all on the feels about those. I love rings and earrings and my staple everyday rings are your Duo Dome layering pieces (yay Daisy) I have worn them everyday since this year’s Copenhagen Fashion Week- they’re paired back and so chic!

You’ve been a fan of both Daisy and SHRIMPS for some time now, what is it about the brands that draws you to them?

Huge fan girl over here! I love a little eccentricity- pieces that push the limits of expectation and that can make you feel a little braver for having worn. I think that eccentric streak runs through both brands. SHRIMPS collections with their rainbow coloured faux furs and innovationin design. Daisy embodying a timeless chic that I love. Both have collections that will work for a life time but also make you pause to admire the design. Huge iconic slay energy and I love when brands push boundaries.

You are of course, the face and star of our brand new collaboration collection with SHRIMPS- how was the shoot day for you?

Thanks for having me you wonders! Shooting amidst a walled garden, with giant daisy meadows everywhere, drinking tea and getting to ask a million questions of two power houses of creative vision and iconic brands, MY HEAVEN. I’ve admired the minds of both Ruth and Hannah for so long, so to spend time with them, natter all day, watch how their visions work, and see the beautiful collaborative energy between them was so energising! I will be cheerleading both of them for life (and hopefully more tea) but also can really say how empowering, warm and truly kind hearted they both are. There’s nothing quite like being around team culture forged by such fabulous people. Seeing the collections in person was so exciting too... I genuinely think this collection is genius and adore the pieces (which feels lovely to be able to say whole heartedly!)

Can you tell me something that most people don’t know about you?

I’d love to be a film director one day. My favourite thing is to be a nana and sit in my dressing gown and watch TV. I secretly wish I could choreograph.

You can catch BEKA on her UK tour this September. Be ready for your cheeks to hurt from smiling and your feet to pound from dancing.

And watch the full SHRIMPS x DAISY campaign video here.


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