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Q&A With Estée Lalonde

While she was primping and prepping for a recent Daisy shoot, we sat down with Estée Lalonde to ask her a few quick-fire questions, we all want to know the answers too...

5 things everyone should have in their wardrobe?

“White t shirt, good jeans, good pair of trainers, yoga pants and a blazer - that’s all I wear”

One skincare product that’s changed your life?

“Maybe serum - I think is kind of a skin changer. It actually gets in there and moisturises.”

Nobody really means it when they say…

“‘Tell me the truth’. Or ‘I’m fine. Everything is fine’.”

What was your first job?

“My first job was super Canadian at Tim Horton’s in Canada. I worked at the drive-through baby.”

What’s your favourite snack?

“I love snacks, all types, guacamole, sweet and salty popcorn, cheese, milkshakes, cookies.”

Describe your style in one word (or 4)

“Easy, breezy, beautiful, casual.”

Do you collect anything?

“I love collecting rocks and seashells. Any time I go to the beach, I get them and my friends get them for me too. And they say, ‘oh, I thought of you when I saw this’. So I do collect those.”

3 things on your bucket list

“Finally feeling zen and relaxed. Like, what does that feel like? That’s one thing. Do more travelling and I want to have babies. Is that a bucket list thing? I want to have babies at some point.”

Where do you want to travel this summer?

“This summer I’m going to Vancouver, Madrid, Italy. I just want to have a lot of fun. Just a lot of beach time. That’s all I want.”

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