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The Meaning Behind Malachite

From swirls to sculptures, we dive into the rich history and powerful properties of this precious stone...


Malachite is a visually stunning stone with its rich forest-green colouring and hypnotic swirls. It's tone is a result of the copper content, which gives it its signature array of all different greens, from very fair to almost black. Whether set with our 18ct gold-plating or 100% recycled sterling silver, a touch of malachite will add that perfect pop of colour to your stack.


Known as the Stone of Transformation, malachite is thought to help you embrace change and take challenges in your stride. For those who struggle with confidence, it gives you the courage to step out of your comfort zone. It is also most closely associated with the heart chakra, which, when blocked, means we may struggle to form meaningful connections and show the full spectrum of our love. Wearing malachite as a necklace - close to the heart - is thought to keep the chakra clear and absorb negative energies that may burden it.

It is also a highly powerful stone for many zodiac signs, offering protection in multiple different forms. For Capricorns, it offers courage to navigate taking risks and overcoming shyness. For the ever-tumultuous flow of energy that water signs possess, it can help keep balance - especially for the headstrong Scorpio. For the artistic Sagittarius, malachite can boost creativity and synchronicity.


Malachite has a long history as a protective stone and was used in a multitude of ways by many different cultures. The Ancient Egyptians wore malachite jewellery from as early as 4000 BC, as well as carving it into amulets and scarabs as a protective talisman. They even referred to their version of the afterlife as the ‘Field of Malachite’, as the colour green was highly symbolic of new life.

Throughout history, it has also been considered especially powerful for children to keep away evil spirits at night. Many of the ancient malachite relics found are carved with a sun symbol, which was thought to enhance further the protective properties of malachite.

In Italy, they thought that the signature swirl pattern resembled an eye and, so, wore it as an amulet to keep the harmful effects of the Evil Eye away from the wearer. Meanwhile, in Germany, it was believed that malachite would prevent the wearer from the danger of falling and would warn them of imminent disaster by breaking into pieces - a characteristic it shares with turquoise.

How to Take Care of Malachite

Because of malachite’s copper content, it is essential to keep it dry as often as possible. While it can be beneficial to clean the stone once in a while with soapy water, you should avoid keeping it wet for long periods of time. This is the general rule for jewellery anyway, so try to remember to remove your Daisy pieces before hopping in the shower or going for a swim.

Whether you’re craving courage or simply in the market for some stunning green pieces, our brand new Malachite Capsule Collection will make the ultimate addition to your jewellery box. Show us how you style your malachite over at @DaisyLondon on Instagram.