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How To Clean Your Jewellery In 3 Steps

We hope you love your Daisy pieces as much as we do, to make sure they continue to sparkle for years to come we’ve created a simple three step guide on how to care for your jewellery. Because we all know, everything we love in life needs a healthy dose of TLC on a regular basis.

Step 1:

Did you know that looking after your jewellery starts at the beginning of your day? Perfumes and other chemicals can tarnish the jewellery over a longer period of time, so to get the most out of your pieces we’d suggest to first spray yourself in perfume, wait some minutes for it to settle and then put on your jewellery. Tip, always remember to take off your jewellery during a workout. Sweat can have the same effect as chemicals.

Step 2:

Deep clean your jewellery every few months. Being gentle is key! We’d recommend either using a microfiber cloth or a specialist jewellery cleaning one. NO other products or chemicals are recommended for gold-plated jewellery. Alternatively silver pieces can be cleaned gently with a soft toothbrush and warm soapy water.

Step 3:

How you store your favourite pieces is very important. We advise storing the same materials with each other, because mixing silver and gold-plated jewellery for too long can result in tarnishing. Don’t worry, mixing it for the day won’t cause any harm!

Here at Daisy we’re all about wearing jewellery all the time, but we’d highly recommend removing them every time you wash your hands. It’s also worth getting in the habit of cleaning each piece after wearing it; we know this might sound a little time consuming but germs will often stick on metal so regular cleaning will keep your jewellery looking beautiful for longer.


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