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How To | Care For Your Gemstone Jewellery

All our ethically sourced gemstones are cut from natural crystals and stones, meaning each and every one is completely unique in clarity and colour.

To ensure your stone jewellery continues to shine bright, it’s important to take good care of your pieces. Here are our top tips to keep your gemstone jewels glowing for years to come...

How To Keep Your Gemstones Glowing

1. Never fully submerge your gemstone in water. Take your jewellery off while showering, washing your hands, swimming, cleaning, etc.

2. Avoid exposing all gems to either extreme darkness or excessively bright light. Think of the stone as a houseplant requiring the utmost balance of elements to retain its natural beauty.

3. Store your gems in a sealed container such as the Daisy pouch your jewellery came in. This will help regulate humidity and reduce changes in colour due to fluctuation of humidity in the air.

4. Never use chemical cleaners. These gems should only be cleaned with warm water (and never exposed to harsh chemicals, even cleaners). Best method would be to dampen a soft cloth and gently rub the stones until they shine.

For more information on how to care for your jewellery be sure to read our Jewellery Care Guide and explore our Gemstone Jewellery to find the perfect piece for you.


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