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Summer In Daisy | Gemma Styles

This weeks Summer In Daisy is with podcaster, eyewear designer, mental health avocate and long-time Daisy fan Gemma Styles. We caught up on all things eyewear, inspiration and of course jewellery.

1. What made you decide to launch your own range of sunglasses?

I’ve always been a big sunglasses wearer/collector/admirer! In the most practical sense possible - I have very dry eyes. So glamorous. Therefore, I wear glasses most days and so being able to work on my own range has made me really happy, I’m grateful for the opportunity.

2. What’s your biggest inspiration when designing?

I start with thinking about shapes on faces generally, then move more into thinking about colour combinations, often taking cues from nature. My biggest inspiration, I’d say a mixture of outfits and music? I want pieces I design to be wearable for a good time and a long time! Making styles that are likely to work with a lot of different outfits and are as classic/timeless as possible is important to me but I also like to envision the feeling someone might get while wearing them out enjoying their life.

3. Three collections down, what’s the most valuable thing you’ve learnt?

I think to trust my own judgment. Especially with the amount of content we consume these days, we see so many different people and trends and preferences; it can be easy to get caught up in trying to please everyone when you put out a product. I have to trust that people gravitate towards the designs I like the best and that’s why they’re coming to GSE.

4. Favourite Gemma Styles Eyewear piece, past or present?

I have to say Goodbye Stranger I think - from the initial mood-board stage a priority for me was making wire frames that DON’T get tangled up in your hair when you push them off your face. So pleased we were able to make that happen and the style has been a firm favourite of the last two collections.

5. We know you’re a fan of Daisy - what are your 3 favourite Daisy pieces?

Mixing up shapes and textures when layering necklaces is the key for me to feel like they all work together - I love these shapes and details to add interest to a necklace stack. My current favourite pieces are definitely the Estée Lalonde T Bar, the Tidal Twist Chain and the Treasures Baroque Pearl necklace!

6. What’s next for Gemma Styles Eyewear?

We’ll be bringing you new images and inspiration to carry this collection and your favourite pieces through to cooler weather! And of course behind the scenes we will be looking further ahead design wise too. I’m looking forward to seeing more pairs on customers faces and to hopefully explore more in person retail. That’ll be a big change but something I hope we can make happen.