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WFH makeup with Scarlett Burton

We’ve been working with the lovely Scarlett Burton for over 5 years now. She’s been on countless shoots with us here at Daisy, providing the best makeup looks for all our Daisy gals. (Not the mention we’re all super jealous of Scarlett’s amazing brows!)

With most of the population working from home right now, it may feel like we are constantly on a video call. With endless Google Hangouts and Zoom meetings throughout the day, it can get a little tiring look at yourself in the bottom of the screen; hair on top of your head & sweatpants on. We caught up with Scarlett to show us how to get the perfect, easy-glow make up that will leave you feeling like a WFH goddess.

“I generally wear this look every day for work, even on my days off. It’s a very minimal and stripped back, natural look” 

What you’ll need:

  • Cream highlighter
  • Sheer red/pink lipstick
  • Cream bronzer
  • Colour brow gel
  • Concealer
  • Last Curler
  • Brown eyeliner
  • Black mascara

Step 1 – Take your highlighter (Scarlett uses Glossier Futuredew) of choice and pop it on the high points of your face using your fingers. Apply to the forehead, cheek bones, chin and the tip of your nose for that glowy look.

Step 2 – Apply your concealer (Scarlett uses First Aid Beauty Hello FAB Avocado Concealer in light) under your eyes but make sure when applying the concealer you don’t go any further than half way under the eyes, if you go all the way it tends to stick to any lines or wrinkles. Lightly dab the concealer with your ring finger or a brush if you prefer. If you feel you need it, apply a bit of concealer under the nose to hide any redness.

Scarlett’s Top Tip: Liquid concealers work best for under the eyes while a hard, creamer concealer is perfect for hiding any unwanted blemishes.


Step 3 – Now for the lippy (Scarlett uses Origins ‘Coral Daisy’) , although it’s not exactly what you might think! Pat your finger on the top of the lipstick and go straight in on the cheeks to add a flushed glow. Make sure to smile in order to get the colour perfectly on the centre of the cheeks. Try not to go too low or else it drags the cheeks down and don’t go to high on the cheeks either or else it gives you a bit of an 80’s look (unless of course this is the look you desire). Use whatever is left on your finger and give the tip of your nose a little swipe of colour, this gives you a really natural flush. Last but not least pop a bit of lippy on your lips!

Step 4 – Swirl a brush into your bronzer (Scarlett uses Chanel Tan de Soleil) then apply directly underneath where you applied your blush, if you’re using a cream bronzer use a more tipped brush, for a powdery bronzer use a slightly bigger powder brush. Don’t forget to apply a little bit of bronzer to the temples and nose for that perfectly shaped and tanned face.

Scarlett’s Top Tip: Always apply cream products first then powder!

 Step 5 – Using a brush or simply your fingers get a bit more bronzer and wash over your lids then drag the colour underneath your eyes for a bit of definition, don’t worry about being perfect.

Step 6 – Now for the step we’ve all been waiting for, the iconic Scarlett brows. Using a brow gel (Scarlett uses YSL Couture Brow 01) brush the brow hairs upwards all the way through. Once you have brushed upwards, brush the hairs in the opposite direction to which they grow in order to coat all sides of your brows with the tint. Once they’ve dried, brush the ends of the brow hairs down so the tops aren’t sticking up and voilà; stellar brows.

Step 7 – Time to curl your lashes. Using a lash curler (Scarlett uses Masqd lash curler) make sure you get as close to the roots as possible and give the curler a little wiggle and a good ol’ squeeze as tight as you can to ensure maximum lash curl. 

Step 8 – Apply your mascara (Scarlett uses By Terry Lash Expert Twist Brush) of choice to your freshly curled lashes in order to really make your eyes pop. Take the remainder of the mascara on your wand and apply to the bottom lashes, for a more natural look try to just coat the roots of those bottom lashes.

Scarlett’s Top Tip: Make sure your closing the lid of your mascara extra tight in order to prevent the mascara from drying up which can cause fall out under the eye.

Step 9 – For a little bit of WFH fun it’s time to apply some fake freckles. If you are lucky enough to have natural freckles you can use these as a guide. Taking a brown eyeliner (Scarlett uses Lord & Berry ‘Coffee’) start near your nose, balancing your pinkie finger on your nose for a bit more stability, and dot lightly across your nose and up towards your cheek bones, pat to blend. Try not to think too much about the placement of the freckles. Another fake freckle technique you can use is to use your brown eyeliner and dab a few little dots on the tip of your finger and press your finger to your cheeks, again don’t worry about being perfect just have fun with it!

Step 10 – Finally give your face a spray with any face mist you have on hand and if you feel you need it take a little pressed powder and apply it to your t-zone area and a little bit to your lids to help the look last longer.

Now your WFH makeup look is complete! With this fresh glowy look you will sure to impress everyone on your next video call! We want to see your looks, so if you recreated this look, send your pics our way or tag us on Instagram!

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