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Grab a Coffee With Loanne Collyer

We caught up with Loanne, from the Collyer Twins, about what she’s been up to during lockdown and how she’s staying positive and productive during this time. Loanne has been spending her lockdown days out in the countryside which we are definitely envious of! “I’ve been doing a lot of walking, sunbathing and overall being very outdoorsy” Today Loanne started her day with a casual 8K run and is now enjoying a much-needed morning coffee with a splash of almond milk.

How has your morning routine changed since lockdown began?

“I started getting into a routine this year of trying to wake up at 6 every morning doing a bit of meditation, writing in my gratitude journal and doing a bit of exercise, trying to get everything done before I start my work” Since lockdown Loanne told us she’s been struggling to wake up before half 8, which we totally understand, but is still trying to stick to her morning rituals even if there is a bit of a delay.

Where abouts in the world are you spending lockdown?

Loanne told us she is out in the East Sussex countryside enjoying all the countryside has to offer – but wait there’s a twist. She’s spending lockdown in the family home of a guy she only just started dating before the lockdown began! Loanne explains “We had been on a few dates and then all of this happened, and we realised we weren’t going to see each other now, so he said look I’m going to go down to my mum’s house in the country would you like to come? And I said yeah okay!” Not thinking lockdown would be so long, Loanne and her housemate left London for the countryside. “It all feels a bit like Love Island, we’ve kind of been forced into this environment together but it’s been good and definitely an experience.”

How have your plans changed over the past few months?

First off Loanne told us she hasn’t see her twin Jordan in almost 5 weeks which is a very long time for them to be apart considering they spend most days together. “We had loads of DJ gigs booked in, it was all quite hectic. Our London lifestyle is quite hectic, with last minute gigs here or an event there. Then all of the sudden our DJ gigs were all cancelled and all of the work we were doing has been postponed.” Loanne explains she’s been looking at the situation as the perfect time to stop and pause, to reassess and re-evaluate what’s important in life and the things she really enjoys doing.

How have you been spending your days in lockdown?

Loanne told us she’s been taking the time to catch up with loved ones and even enrolled herself in an online holistic course. Along with her fitness trainer housemate, Yazz, Loanne has been hosting live workouts on the Collyer Twins Instagram so be sure to tune in to get your lockdown workouts in. Loanne has also taken this time to plot her next adventure. “We tend to do two or three countries a month and even if we’re not travelling that month, we tend to have things booked in for the next month so not knowing my travel plans is a bit scary”. With so many places still on her bucket list grabbing her passport and heading to the beach will be one of the first things Loanne does after lockdown ends (us too!).

Have you been listening to any decent playlists recently?

We’re in for a lockdown treat since Loanne has actually been curating lots of new playlists on her Spotify account ‘Loanne.Collyer’. These playlists include ‘Isolation Motivation’ which is perfect for getting you pumped for your daily workout and ‘Mellow Monday’ will give you all the chilled vibes for those days spent in the garden relaxing. Oh, and don’t forget about our personal favourite ‘Sexy Sundays’ filled with some slow RnB to get you in that carefree Sunday mood.

Which Daisy pieces are you wearing today?

Loanne’s layering game is on point today with three of our necklaces layered beautifully. Her necklace stack includes the ‘Wild Daisy’ necklace from our new Floriography collection, the classic Goddess Snake Chain from our collection with blogger friend Esteé Lalonde and finally the ‘Amazonite Healing Stone’ necklace, the perfect stone to sooth and calm the senses.

What do you have planned for the rest of your day?

Loanne plans to keep up with her healthy lifestyle and do some ‘Powers Body Barre’ online classes. She also plans to curate a few more playlists for our enjoyment and of course squeeze in a bit of studying in-between!’

Find Loanne on social @collyertwins & @loannecollyer and don’t forget to check out her fab playlist on Spotify @loanne.collyer