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How To | Create The Ultimate Ear Stack

Sometimes less is more, but when it comes to creating the ultimate ear stack, we might have to disagree....

We’re all about a curated ear here at Daisy and we’ve got everything you need to start your personalised stack. From simple studs, effortless drops & must-have hoops to (our personal favourite) the trustie huggie! Whatever your style we’ve got you covered. Not sure where to start? Here are a few style tips to get you started on curating an ear stack that will be sure to turn heads.

Let’s go heavy on the hoops

Featuring the much-loved midi hoop, this ear stack adds a little edge to your everyday look. Stack up as many pairs of huggie hoops as your ears can handle, we have plenty to choose from, circular, square, you name it we’ve got it.

All of the above

Hoops? Studs? Drop Earrings? Why choose? Use them all! If you’ve got the piercings , we’ve got the earrings. We recommend organising your ear stack from smallest to largest. Starting with a stud, followed by a tight huggie and topping off with a large hoop or a statement drop earring. Stacking with a range of styles allows you to personalise your look and easily switch it up everyday. A great choice for those who struggle to decide which earrings to wear daily.

A tale of two metals

A great ear stack doesn’t mean you have to stick to just one metal. Try mixing up your gold and silver pieces to get that extra glow. If you’re stacking a few gold huggies try adding a silver stud at the top. Or if you’re all about that statement silver hoop, add a couple of gold chains to elevate your ear look.

This stack is off the chain

Your new style staple, the chain earring. We know, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. A must-have in any jewellery box when it comes to creating an eye-catching ear stack. Mix with hoops, huggies or even another chain. Get playful with our T Bar Box Chain earring, simply wear dangling in one piercing or snake the chain through multiple piercings. A great way to add a touch fun to your ear moment.

A little colour, a lot of meaning

If you love a pop of colour with your jewellery then our Healing Huggies are a perfect addition to your ear stack. Find a stone that resonates with you and style with your go-to earrings for a meaningful stack.

Shop our collection of Earrings to curate your perfect ear moment. Need more stacking game inspo? Check out our Earring Layering Sets, we’ve done hard work for you!

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