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How To | Stack Your Rings

Ah, that age-old quandary: too many rings, not enough fingers. Let’s be honest with ourselves, though, there are worse problems to have. But that doesn’t make styling them any easier. So, read below for our guide on how to stack up your favourite Daisy rings to make everyday styling a breeze.

Mix It Up

Controversially, we’re starting with a bit of a, well, controversial one. Heads up to any jewellery purists reading this - maybe skip this bit. At Daisy, we’re not afraid to mix our metals. There, we said it. Mixing and matching your gold and silver can make your stacking all the more intentional - if you do it right. And it’s a fun way to experiment with your style. Break up different metal band rings with vintage cocktail rings, and gemstone-detailed pieces for a more eclectic feel.

The Statement Finger

Make your staples the statement by layering up your band rings on just one finger. For a more curated look, we love matching up rings of varied widths and textures. Pair a thicker band, such as the Stacked or Sunburst chunky ring, with a delicate Beloved Fine Band, or the Treasures Bobble Stacking Ring.

Make It Meaninful

A well-thought out ring stack is one you’ll keep going back to for years. For an instantly more meaningful set, intermix your classics with some gemstones. The Rhodochrosite Bold ring harnesses the powers of its stone to help the wearer with matters of the heart and embracing positivity. Or the geometric-style Beloved Moonstone Band works to encourage new beginnings and change.

Keep It Light

As they say, all art is knowing when to stop. It can be tempting to throw all your favourite things on at once, but for a more refined and cohesive look, keeping it simple is the way forward. The Figaro chain ring is a lightweight option that will pair beautifully with any of your bands, and will keep the stack minimal. Or, for a subtle yet intricately designed piece, the Palm Leaf Band is perfect for the everyday.

Sometime It Is Personal

At the end of the day, there’s no wrong way to layer up your Daisy rings. Just like putting together an outfit or styling your hair for the day, it’s totally personal to you. So, do what feels right and wear with confidence.

Shop our Ring Collection to elevate your stack and we hope we've been able to inspire your new stack.