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The Base Chakra

As you all know by now, our iconic Chakra collection is based on seven sacred Chakra symbols from Eastern philosophy. Over the next seven months, we’ll be going into more depth with each Chakra, starting with the Base Chakra in April.

So what is the Base Chakra? We asked our friend and energy healer Georgia Coleridge, the author of The Chakra Project Book, to explain the Base Chakra, the symptoms of an unbalanced one and how to balance it.

Where is the Base Chakra?

This beautiful energy centre is at the base of the spine. When you are standing up, it points downwards, connecting you to the ground, so it’s also known as the Root Chakra.

What does the Base Chakra do?

It’s the earthiest of all the chakras. It’s main function is the survival of your physical body. This chakra provides energetic roots, a bit like the roots of a tree, so that you feel safe, stable and comfortable in your skin.

So how do you feel when the 
Base Chakra is strong?

You feel grounded and physically energetic. You know you can take care of your basic needs – food, shelter, finances. Practical routine chores, like chopping veg, cleaning your flat or paying bills, are a priority. Taking care of your physical body, particularly by doing enough exercise come naturally. You have strong links with your tribe whether – family or friends, and they know they can rely on you.

What if the Base Chakra is weak?

If you are feeling physically fragile or spacey your Base Chakra probably isn’t grounding you properly. This is unsettling, like being unstable on your feet and life can feel overwhelming. You might feel uprooted because you’ve just moved flat, changed jobs, or gone through unsettling, difficult experiences. If this is the case, it can take time to put down your roots again. But it can also happen because you spend too much time up in your head thinking, and ignore how your body feels.


Can the Base Chakra be too strong? 

If you are feeling a bit stuck in the mud, as though your life is all work and no play, your practical base chakra might be overworking.


How can you heal and balance the Base Chakra?

Start simply by remembering that it is there! It’s associated with a rich, vibrant red colour, so every time you see this colour, or think about the base of your spine, or spot the roots of a tree, it’s a reminder of your base chakra and important it is.

The next step is to support and nourish this chakra. Start small. Do a bit more exercise, declutter a drawer and eat some red fruit. You could also go for a walk – near trees if possible, buy a plant or do something kind for your parents.


Could a Base Chakra bracelet help?

It certainly could, because every time you see the base chakra symbol, glinting on your wrist it’s a reminder of your base chakra. Wear this symbol if you want to feel stronger, more confident and rooted in your life.


The Base Chakra would be a good present for...

Your mum, for giving you roots. Your friend, who has always been there for you, supporting you.

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