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Daisy & Beatrice Rigby

As part of our Daisy & series, we’re spotlighting a few of our favourite women, introducing you to some you might not know and letting you get to know others a little more. The latest lady in the Daisy & series is the zodiac loving, vintage magpie, and self-confessed fan of the brand, @beatricerigby. Well, we’re fans of hers too! We caught up with Beatrice in one of her favourite London haunts, Ziggy Green in Soho to all things photography, cats, and how we’d fare if marooned on a desert island. You know, the usual.

Your style is so beautiful. Tell us about your most precious item in your wardrobe?

Probably my jackets, especially a trench leather jacket my aunt gave me. She saved up to buy it at uni, and she's passed that gorgeous piece on to me. I know it was so special to her, so I think about her every time I wear it. And I wear it a lot!

You've always got a camera in your hand. How did you get into photography, and where do you get your inspiration?

Always, it's my favourite accessory. My grandfather was a photographer, so he passed his passion onto my father, who passed it on to me. He taught me almost everything I know about photography. As far as my inspiration goes, travelling is a huge source. From movies to tv, Instagram, to just watching people, I'm easily inspired!

Jewellery can be someone's armour. Do you have a piece you can't leave the house without?

Like you guys, I'm a real zodiac girl. All of the women in my family have a charm with the symbol of their zodiac. It's really special. Mine is a mermaid pendant for Aquarius. I have three other pieces that have become a part of me. A simple gold ring and another that my grandmother gave me when I was little with green stones and the Aquarius symbol. It matches a bracelet that I always wear with my name and date of birth on it.

What does being an Aquarius mean to you?

As you can probably tell, it’s so important to me! I feel like us Aquarius' are like a tiny family. We're mostly creative introverts that can bond in our weirdness.

You’ve got 5 mins to leave the house - what do you wear?

Easy. Cowboy boots, silk dress and a leather jacket. That’s me in an outfit.

Are you a beach or city girl?

City girl 100%. But I do need my sun and love the smell of the ocean. I grew up in a tiny town by the coast, so that will always be a part of me. But for day to day, it's city all the way.

City girl, same! Speaking of, we loved catching up with you at Ziggy Green in Soho. What are your five favourite London spots to visit when you're in town?

How to choose? Well, I love your neck of the woods, Portobello Road, for vintage shops. They're not the cheapest, but I always find something. Broadway Market, London Fields, and Mare Street Market are all great for drinks, food or just a coffee. Or I love the bright lights of Chinatown for wandering around and taking photos.

Leaving the city behind, what five things are you taking with you to a desert island?

That's a hard one! Well, as you know, I'm never without my camera, so I'd have to take that to document my time there. Plus, one of my cats for some love and company. I'm not much of a camper, but on the more practical side, an endless supply of water, for sure (got to stay hydrated!), a blanket because I cannot deal with the cold, and a toothbrush as I hate the feeling of dirty teeth. Gross.

We have to ask you, which of your many Daisy pieces means the most to you?

As you said, I have a lot of Daisy pieces, and honestly, I wear them all the time—especially the flat chains. But If I had to choose one that means the most, it would probably be the Goddess Medallion T Bar Necklace. I fell in love with it when I saw it on the "gram". It was one of my first pieces, and I've been obsessed ever since.