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A Very Daisy Christmas

We’re ready if you are?

From meaningful momentos to winter candles, all-time favourites to some of our newest releases these are the pieces we’ve been coveting. We’re going to pretend like we didn’t have our Christmas lists written in early August and that it wasn’t three pages long (front and back) but if you had to press us, these are our Top 10 Christmas Gifts to add to your Christmas wish list.

A new release but an instant classic, you can stack our Estée Lalonde Mini Signet Ring on your pinkie finger with your existing signet rings. That’s right, just pop it on top. Or wear it on your third or middle finger for some understated daytime elegance.

The party palms you’ve been waiting for and just in time for the festive season and New Year’s Eve celebrations. Bring some added sparkle with this gorgeous pair.

You’ll have them in the palm of your hand with our Palms Enamel Signet Ring. Gorgeous, statement, powerful: this ring means business. It says, “I summer in Tuscany and winter in St. Moritz” or “why wouldn’t you give me the job?”—and that’s exactly why it’s on our Christmas list.

An oldie but a goldie (or silver-y) if our Vita necklace isn’t in your jewellery box get it on your Christmas list now. A celebration of the female form, it’s a tactile reminder to love yourself, unapologetically. And who of us doesn’t need those sorts of affirmations to take us into the new year, right?

We all change our minds, and that’s ok. If like us, you wrote your Christmas list in August, come December you might have changed it again. The Daisy Gift Card is the ultimate gift for those of us who change their minds as often as their knickers.

Why have one huggie when you can have two? Featuring the Estée Lalonde Octagonal Huggie Hoops and the Estée Lalonde Sunburst Huggie Earrings, if you want to up your stacking game, look no further than this pair. Oh, and did we mention each layering set comes with a complimentary Daisy Wildflower candle? You’re welcome.

Two for the price of one, our Stacked Double Rope Ring looks like two rings in one meaning it instantly ups your ring stack with minimal effort. It’s a classic and a firm favourite and if it doesn’t already live on your index or middle finger—find space for it, now.

Believed to offer motherly protection from negative energy and to bring love to the wearer, our Isla Mother of Pearl Necklace is a beautiful and meaningful gift. Not only that, but it’s meant to bring prosperity too, so if your New Year’s Resolution is to start saving money then get this on your Christmas list and get someone else to buy it for you. See what we did there? It’s called manifesting.

We blooming love this pair. They’re fun, frivolous and totally retro. They’re a little ray of sunshine to get you through the midst of winter. A reminder of summer’s past and summer fun yet to come.

The perfect stocking filler, our candles will keep you burning From Dawn ‘Til Dusk. Honestly, we wish you could smell these! Start the day with the refreshing scents of cedar and jasmine and end it with a heady blend of jasmine and cardamom. They’re a crisp, sunny morning and the smell of your Mum’s perfume on her way out to a dinner party. They’re a hug in a candle.

We’re sure your Christmas list might look a little different to ours. Why not take a look at some of our bestsellers to see what’s missing from your jewellery box and find your new favourite just in time for Christmas.