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Daisy & Pandora Taylor

We caught up with interior designer Pandora Taylor in her recently renovated South London home, which she shares with her fiancé Gareth and their Sealyham Terrier. From how to style your home to how to style your jewellery, we caught up on all things rings, rooms, and upcoming nuptials.

Your South London home is giving us some serious house envy. It’s one thing designing for clients, but it’s another designing your own dream home. How did you approach that process?

With a client, I will be very processed. I put together a lot of material to help them visualise my vision. When designing for yourself, this all goes out the window. The beauty is not having to get approval for anything. If you love it, you get it. But on the flip side, you have fewer boundaries meaning more options. Which in itself can be overwhelming.

We’re obsessed with your KYMA headboard in collaboration with Ensemblier. Where do you get the inspiration behind your designs?

This headboard was all about breaking through the rectangle we so often associate with headboards. Softening lines and playing with shape, its beauty is that it is so simple. When I design I am always striving to do something I have not seen before. Often the best ones are uncomplicated.

And what’s your favourite room in the house?

It sounds strange, but I really love the upstairs bathroom. It has the only bath, so it's where I come to relax after a tiring day. I like that it's at the top of the house, away from everything else going on. It's so peaceful. I am also obsessed with the herringbone tiles. Part of me wishes I had them in the main bathroom!

Your home feels so richly decorated - how do you go about creating so many layers and incorporating those little hidden surprises?

I think it comes from being a bit of a hoarder of beautiful things. I have been doing it all my life. I used to scour charity shops, now it's vintage fairs and Vinterior!

Your home feels so richly decorated - how do you go about creating so many layers and incorporating those little hidden surprises?

And we can tell just by looking at your jewellery that you’ve got an eye for layering that too – love how you mix your antique pieces with contemporary jewellery.

What are your favourite everyday Daisy pieces to wear?

I love the Goddess Medallion Signet Ring, I have one in silver, it's sort of old world meets new. I have also been wearing a lot of the Isla Fossil Charm Necklace, it's so pretty and delicate I love to layer it with something chunky and in your face to be a bit unexpected.

Whilst we’re on the subject – that engagement ring! It’s stunning. Tell us more about the story behind that?

So, the ring was made in America in the 1900s and has 3 matched yellow diamonds surrounded by smaller white diamonds in both white and yellow gold. Rings like this would have been completely cut and shaped by hand so have incredibly delicate detailing, but also imperfections which make them unique. You cannot fake the patina a piece of jewellery takes on when it has been worn for decades, it has this rich, soft quality to it. I had warned my fiancé that I wanted to choose my own ring(!) so as a placeholder he got me this very pretty half eternity ring in emeralds and diamonds. I love the simplicity of it, it has understated appeal and I love that I can still wear it everyday.

When’s the big day and what’s the aesthetic for that?

The wedding is in July so fingers crossed for good weather because the whole thing is outside! It's in a beautiful English country garden so no decorations required…or flowers for that matter. Taking our cue from nature, everything is vibrantly coloured with a relaxed outdoor feel.

As if that’s not keeping you busy enough, what projects are you currently working on?

I am currently working on a very cool Bermondsey warehouse apartment (might be my favourite!), as well as a family home in North London, an apartment in Pimlico with amazing views of the city and finally a trendy office redesign.

You can find out more about Pandora’s gorgeous designs on her website or Instagram.

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