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A Note From Us | Better Days Are Coming

Well, what a difference a year makes. And what a difference a brand new calendar year doesn’t make, am I right?! This time is going to be tough. There’s no ignoring it. Whilst we’ve all had to adjust to the (dare I say it) ‘new normal’, there are elements of our new lives that we’ve made peace with, yet so many things we miss. The smell of a loved one as you hug them tight, chats on sofas, not doorsteps, and the hum of excitement that precedes a holiday. Oh, how we miss holidays!
Though it’s not all doom and gloom. This year at Daisy we want to continue our adventure together with you. We’re determined to make you smile and carry on creating; all while having real conversations about what matters. Looking at the year ahead, I am more excited than ever for what’s to come. Because – to quote nineties pop sensation D:Ream – “things can only get better”. The world will open up again, and we WILL be together again. Even if we have to force ourselves to do PE with Joe Wicks every damn day until then. We will get through it!
It’s not just our lives that have changed. In the last year, our team at Daisy has changed too. Like much of the country, we’ve been adjusting to what felt like the temporary situation of working from home (and trust me with two kids under three that takes some serious adjusting). But we’ve also had several fresh faces joining us, bringing new skills and expertise, and more creative ideas than ever. Plus, we remain forever grateful to our outstanding ops team and star packers, working tirelessly through a national lockdown (during our most manic of periods, Christmas and Black Friday) to get your gifts and orders out the door. Thank you!
So, like I said: what a difference a year makes. Last January, I was planning the year ahead, month by month, week by week. This time around? I’m looking at things differently by trying to live in the moment, as this too shall pass.
And quite frankly, I can’t wait ‘til it does. This year we will continue to grow: our Daisy chain and our inner selves. Until then, I’m looking forward to all the change and positivity that 2021 has in store.
With Love,