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Organise Your Daisy Jewellery Case

It’s official. They’ve arrived. The new Daisy jewellery cases are here to make organising your collection infinitely easier. Whether you’re a natural organiser at heart (looking at you, Virgos), or a promptly-take-it-all-off-and-leave-on-the-side kind of jewellery wearer, our brand new boxes are here to help.

So, we’ve put together a handy guide to organising your Daisy pieces to make reaching for your gold and silver stress - and tangle - free...

Square one of organisation is to separate your jewellery. Start by making a section for necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. This is a really good opportunity to rediscover old pieces you haven’t been wearing and play around with styling them with other pieces from your collection. Match up your earrings, and try to keep them with their backs so that everyday accessorising is that bit more smooth. Untangle your necklaces - this can seem a big job if you’ve put it off a while, but try to take your time with unpicking to avoid breakages. While therapeutic, the first step of sorting your jewellery may take a little while - so put on a film and embrace your inner Kondo.

Once all of your jewellery is organised into neat sections, it’s time for a little TLC.. Polishing from time to time is a great way to keep them bright and shining for years. For your 18ct gold plated Daisy bits, simply use a microfibre cloth (or a specialist jewellery one, if you so wish). For sterling silver, you can use some warm, soapy water and a cloth - but make sure to let it dry before storing. Keep your pendants on their chains by doing up clasps - this will also help with preventing future tangles.

Now, we’re on to the fun part. It’s time to fill your jewellery case. Take time with this; a well-organised box makes styling your pieces way more enjoyable - especially for the days you’re in a rush. With necklaces, wrap neatly into each compartment. They’re often the most difficult piece to manage as they’re more delicate and prone to tangling than other jewellery, so try to give them a little more space. Bracelets, when closed, are pretty resilient to tangles so you don’t need to be too precious about filing them in. For your stacking rings and more statement hand candy, simply store in the ring holder face up. You can add in your studs, huggies and hoops here too. The box has designated holes for drop earrings, so you can safely hook them on for storage or travelling. And make sure to take a snap at the end - we’d love to see how you organise your jewellery!

The last step simply is to stay on top of it all. We all know how messy a bedroom can get when you put it off for a few days - well, the same goes for your jewellery case. Keeping your pieces in their own little compartments, polishing once in a while and taking the time to organise won’t go a miss.

Here are some final top tips to keep your jewellery box looking sharp!

  • Separate your gold and silver to avoid tarnishing
  • Make sure bracelets and chains clasps are fastened before storing
  • Keep your favourite pieces where you can find them
  • Try to store earrings with their backs (those pesky things are always impossible to find)
  • Follow our jewellery care guide for more tips on safe storage - and making your jewellery last for years to come

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