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Behind The Meaning | The Brow Chakra

Our bestselling Chakra Collection is based on seven sacred symbols from Eastern philosophy. This year we are going into more depth with each individual Chakra by heroing one every month. With August focusing on the Throat Chakra, this month is all about the penultimate Chakra in our series, the Brow Chakra.

So what is the Brow Chakra? Energy healer Georgia Coleridge shares her knowledge with us on the Brow Chakra, the symptoms of an unbalanced one and how to balance it.

Where is the Brow Chakra?

You can think of this energy centre, like an invisible third eye, just above your eyebrows. It’s associated with shades of purple and indigo.

What does the Brow Chakra do?

This inspiring chakra governs your eyes, so it’s linked to clear-sightedness. It’s also in charge of both hemispheres of the brain, giving you good balance between logical thinking and your creative imagination. On a spiritual level it helps you to connect with your higher intuition and sixth sense.

So how do you feel when the Brow Chakra is strong?

When this chakra is working well, you can see where you are going. It’s like driving along with a sparkling clean windscreen, in good weather, with the landscape spread out in front of you. Your brain feels clear, so it’s easy to set priorities and stay organised, while your imaginative side can dream, create, and solve problems with flashes of inspiration. If you ever have a run of coincidences, (like thinking of someone seconds before they call you), your sixth sense is working well, and you can trust your intuition.

What if the Brow Chakra is weak?

When Brow chakra is blocked, you can feel foggy-brained and overwhelmed. If you can’t get perspective through this chakra, it’s hard to see the big picture. You might find yourself drawn into petty squabbles, or stymied by minor difficulties. If this chakra never opened up properly, there won’t be much information flowing in and out of it. Which can make you narrow-minded, particularly when other people talk about airy-fairy stuff like intuition or angels.

Can the Brow Chakra be too strong?

If this chakra is stuck wide open, too much energy flows in and out, which is exhausting. If you live in a city, commute to work, or use social media, you are bombarded with information every day. If your third eye is also letting in too much psychic information, you can become jumpy and overly-superstitious.

How can you heal and balance the Brow Chakra?

Start by remembering that it’s there. This chakra is associated with all those beautiful shades of purple and indigo. Every time you see these colours, they are a reminder of this chakra and how important it is.Look after your eyes – install an app to remind you to look away from your screen. Or radically, you could even turn your phone and laptop off occasionally. Instead start looking, really looking, at leaves, flowers or changing light. Look at paintings, both from a distance and close up. Meditate with your eyes closed, focusing your attention on the middle of your forehead. Ask a question then do something else, like chopping veggies, and see if the answer comes up spontaneously. Keep a dream diary, it might surprise you. Sign up for a workshop on auras, angels or chakras.

Could a Brow Chakra bracelet help?

It certainly could. The double lotus petals are a good reminder to stay clear-eyed, clear-brained and balanced.

The Brow Chakra would be a good present for...

Your best friend for her wisdom. Your overworked friend, who needs perspective and clarity. For yourself, as a reminder to trust your own intuition.

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