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Daisy Travels | 10 Things To Pack For Your Next Adventure

As we continue with our travel series of must-see places, we thought we would share some top tips on essentials to take on your next trip away. Travel is becoming not only an epic journey of self-discovery, but also a way to dress. The bohemian traveler vibe is synonymous with salt dusted wavy hair, handmade leather backpacks and a DSLR camera in tow. If you’re planning your next adventure, check out our 10 things you need to pack right now to get the bohemian backpacker look.

1. Sunscreen is a must. We love to get that sunkissed glow as much as anyone but don’t underestimate the power of the sun’s rays. Keep your skin healthy and protected against harmful UV rays, even on those cloudier days.

2. A camera. If you don’t take a picture, did it even happen? Whether you’re planning on sharing on social media or keep for yourself, memories are priceless so invest in and pack a camera to capture those skylines and sunsets.

3. A memory of something or someone that will remind you of home when you’re missing it most. Our Daisy London Elsewhere Collection is inspired by travel and consists of silver and gold pendants with interchangeable coins. For those on a global adventure, choose the Around the World spinning Halo coin to remind you that there is so much to explore. For those who are new to the travel game or perhaps going solo, choose the Compass Halo coin to trust your an inner sense of direction.

4. Notebook and pen. From keeping little notes, jotting down memories or travel plans; a notebook and pen are also handy for keeping track of contact details, hotel addresses or taxi driver information in an emergency.

5. Smell great, save space on your liquid allowance and stock up on soap and shampoo bars. Lush is our go-to for these; grab one of their cute tins to keep them clean too.

6. Music and earphones. Curate playlists on your travels; perfect for reminding you of a particular location you have visited or useful for zoning out when you’re in a busy hostel.

7. Make your new space feel like home with a candle. Our Heart Chakra travel candles are perfect for making a new places feel less foreign, especially when sharing rooms.

8. Moisturiser or lip balm. A little bit of luxury goes a long way when you’re travelling so after a day at the beach or back to back plane journey’s, this is often just the pick me up you need.

9. A water bottle. Remaining hydrated is key in hot countries and bottled water is the best way to avoid getting unwell from local tap water.

10. Tea bags or tabasco. It’s the little things that matter when you’re away; a good cuppa in the morning or a familiar flavour added to local cuisines can make a big difference if you’re missing a home cooked meal.