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Behind The Meaning | The Heart Chakra

Our bestselling Chakra Collection is based on seven sacred symbols from Eastern philosophy. This year we are going into more depth with each individual Chakra by heroing one every month. With June focusing on the Solar Plexus Chakra, this month is all about the Heart Chakra.

So what is the Heart Chakra? Energy healer Georgia Coleridge shares her knowledge with us on the Heart Chakra, the symptoms of an unbalanced one and how to balance it.

Where is the Heart Chakra?

As you might guess, this chakra is all about LOVE. It’s located over your physical heart, but right in the centre of your chest.

What does the Heart Chakra do?

This chakra has two equally important aspects. The ability to LOVE and to BE LOVED. A healthy heart chakra can receive as much energy as it transmits. When you are open-hearted it’s easy to be kind and compassionate. But it’s equally important to let other people love and cherish you. This chakra also creates healthy boundaries, which means treating yourself with as much dignity and respect, as anyone else you care about.

So how do you feel when the Heart Chakra is strong?

When this chakra is glowing you feel positive, friendly and generally benevolent towards the world. You enjoy falling in love, and can maintain long term loving relationships with your partner, your family and your friends.

What if the Heart Chakra is weak?

When your heart energy isn’t flowing inwards,it’s hard to accept kindness, praise can make you feel uncomfortable, and you might not even realise when someone is interested in you romantically. When your heart energy isn’t flowing outwards you can seem unfriendly and cold-hearted.

Can the Heart Chakra be too strong?

If you are super-kind, and run around looking after everyone else, but you are getting exhausted and burned out, this chakra might need calming down.

How can you heal and balance the Heart Chakra?

Start simply by remembering that it is there! It’s associated with the colour green, so every time you see this colour, it’s a reminder of your heart chakra and how important it is. Start by looking out for trees and green leaves, or buy a plant for your desk. Practice small acts of kindness. Smile. Offer someone your seat on the tube, hang out with friendly dogs. And above all be kind to yourself. If it’s not too embarrassing try writing down a list of good things you like about yourself. Even something small like your curly eyelashes or getting to work on time.

Could a Heart Chakra necklace help?

A heart chakra symbol, a six-pointed star, surrounded by twelve lotus petals is a beautiful reminder of your heart chakra. Wear it on a long chain, over your heart, to set the intention to bring more love flowing into your life.

The Heart Chakra would be a good present for...

Your boyfriend or girlfriend. Anyone who has got engaged. For the rock solid friends who nurture you. And of course, you could buy one for yourself.

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