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Can You Mix Gold And Silver Jewellery? Your Questions Answered.

Cream or jam first? Teabag in or out? Sweet or salted? Bath or shower? And who really let the dogs out?

Just a few of life's undecided questions, none of which we're going to attempt to resolve today. But whether to mix or to match gold and silver? Now there's a subject we could talk about for days.

The short answer is, it's up to you! At Daisy, we're all about expressing yourself through your jewellery. We don't subscribe to any hard and fast rules – you do you and wear whatever makes you feel fabulous. If you're forever a silver siren or a golden girl for life, and your jewellery collection reflects it, then you're probably firmly in the 'to match' camp. However, if you're umm-ing and ah-ing over how to mix some of your favourite gold and silver pieces, we've got some tips and ideas for you. So, here are Daisy's five golden (and silver) rules for mixing your favourite metals.

1. Wear pieces with a mix of metals

Watches are a great way to combine silver and gold jewellery, as they often contain a mix, as is two-tone or tri-colour jewellery. Pieces like our English Daisy Bobble Choker, with its combination of gold and silver, is a great way to pull a look together. Short in length, you can layer it with longer gold or silver pieces.

2. Stack ‘em high

Whether it's rings or earrings, stack them up! We think mixing chunkier pieces like the Esteé Lalonde Chunky Curb Chain Ring with the Curb Chain and Box Chain rings in a mix of colours is a gorgeous look. Or what about wearing our Artisan Stamped Drop Huggie Hoops in alternating gold and silver for an earring stack with an edge? Why not take a look at our collection of stacking rings or huggie hoops for some inspiration.

3. Mix the same piece in a different metal

Another way to mix your metals is to match it by style, rather than colour. By pairing our Amazonite Healing Huggie Hoops in gold and silver, you're pairing the style and stone colour – not to mention it's double the healing power! Alternatively, our Stacked Linked Chain bracelets look beautiful paired together in both colours.

4. Layer your necklaces

Short, medium, or long, layering your necklaces by style rather than colour is another can’t go wrong way to create a mix. The Isla Rope necklace looks great in gold, silver, or both! Or why not try layering two snake chains in differing colours?

5. If in doubt, more is more

When it comes to mixing your jewellery if in doubt, more is more. Try to balance it out instead of wearing all gold with one silver piece, and vice versa.

So whether you decide to match your favourite pieces or get creative and mix them up – happy styling! Why not have a read of our blogs on how to layer your necklaces or stack your rings for some more styling inspiration.

With love,

Daisy x