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Embracing the Blues | January Jewellery Edit

It’s officially here. Now you’ve finally swept up the last speck of glitter from New Year’s and grudgingly thrown away the scraps of Christmas leftovers, the January blues are a-calling. But, though your resolutions may lay in tatters - alongside any semblance of festivity, all is not lost. The early mornings are slowly becoming more bearable, Valentine’s Day is en-route, and let’s face it - winter dressing is always a pleasure. So, in the spirit of embracing the new year, here are some of our favourite blue bits.

This simple band ring from our Healing Collection features the beautiful lapis lazuli. This powerful stone is thought to bring deep peace and encourage inner truth, often referred to as the ‘wisdom stone’. Another of its key properties is bringing about clarity - which we could all use a bit of this new year. Although we’ve selected this ring to bring to the forefront, make sure to explore the rest of our lapis pieces. Including huggies, studs, an understated pendant and a matching bracelet, it’s time to soak up all that celestial goodness.

Embrace the calm, and look great doing it. This pendant features amazonite, which offers the coveted property of balance by soothing the soul and senses. In a stunning turquoise hue, it’s the ideal way to bring a little colour into your stack - and to keep a cool head. With matching huggies and a choice of two rings, the January blues make the perfect excuse to invest in this set.

Now, unfortunately, this isn’t for everyone. But, if you’re lucky enough to be born in a blue birthstone-bearing month (mouthful, we know), these vintage-inspired pendants are a definite pick-me-up piece. Born in March? Aquamarine is for you. The stone was once used as a protective talisman by those at sea, and is known to represent hope and happiness (two birds with one stone, eh?). For September babies, striking sapphire invites good fortune into your life. And for those born in December, blue topaz will work a treat for those craving more meaningful connections.

Okay, okay - it’s up for debate whether this is actually blue - but for the sake of bringing you more gorgeous jewellery, we’re gonna let this one slide. Our enamel huggies will liven up any stack, and bring in some much-needed colour - without being too garish. They come in three different designs; though for a more distinctive look, we’d recommend the fine stripe pair. Sport with some simple hoops, or a pair of studs to put your own spin on layering.

So, whether you need a little retail therapy to chase away that post-Christmas crash, or you’re simply a navy fanatic - shop the edit here.