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Gift Guide | What To Buy the Pisces in your Life

Ah, the Pisces. Thought to be the zodiac’s dreamer, this air sign boasts a beguiling sense of imagination and the free spirit of an artist. Don’t let their laid-back personality fool you, though, for the Pisces is also the type of person to be there when you need a shoulder to cry on, or some meaningful advice. So, give a little something back to your own ethereal wanderer using our zodiac-approved gift guide.

Whether your Pisces is a February or a March baby, they’re bound to love our Zodiac plates. Hung on a choice of 100% recycled sterling silver or an 18ct-gold plated chain, this pendant spells out the birth month in a signature nostalgic font. Perfect for layering with a gemstone pendant, or simply adding to a chain stack - this piece is a true can’t-go-wrong gift for the air sign in your life.

Always at one with nature, the Pisces will appreciate any gift that links back to their roots. Our Sun Frame Charm Earrings make a subtle statement, featuring a sun-engraved charm on a pair of our signature huggies. Symbolising light and rebirth, they are a reminder to stay positive, wherever the day takes you.

Keeping it personal, our Birthstone pendant is a stunning gift that shows you really put some thought into their present. For the February-born Pisces, opt for amethyst. Thought to improve balance and spirituality, this smoky purple stone invokes a sense of confidence in the wearer to help tackle the stresses of everyday. For the March baby, aquamarine acts as a symbol of courage and clarity. Once used as a protective stone by those at sea, this necklace is the perfect addition to any Pisces’s stack.

Let them embrace their innate connection to the ocean with the Mother of Pearl pendant necklace. For Pisces, the pearl is an essential stone that acts as a good luck charm, aiding with future success. Our pendant features a slab of the iridescent gemstone encased in precious metal, and hung on a twisted chain. Its organic shape continues to make ties to nature, making it an all-round perfect present.

Our Trinity Ring is symbolic of connection and unity. With three interlinked bands that slide onto the finger as one, this handcrafted ring carries a stunning sentiment, although contemporary in its appearance. As a romantic sign, the Pisces will love this thoughtful gift and love adding it to their ring stack even more.

So, make your favourite daydreamer’s day extra special with our hand-picked selection of gifts. From their sea legs to their high-spirits, our Pisces-proof edit has got you covered.