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Gift Guide: What to Buy the Aries in your Life

The firstborn of the Zodiac, Aries desires a sense of originality in everything they do. They’re always one step ahead and will go out of their way to defy their own odds. Restless and ever curious, they don’t have the time to sit around and make drawn-out decisions when it comes to their jewellery box. If it’s limited edition or one of a kind, best believe this fiery sign is after it. Show the Arien in your life how well you truly know them with a piece of jewellery that won’t slow their daily grind.

For March and April babies alike, our Nameplate Pendant is bound to go down a treat. One for understated jewellery with a touch of originality, these italic necklaces will showcase how unique the Arien is (or at least one in twelve). This jewel, available in both 100% recycled sterling silver and 18ct gold plate, is perfect for their extroverted nature, too - it’s bound to kick off a much-wanted convo with any zodiac lover.

A stickler for beauty, the Aries in your life is bound to love our Vita Earrings. They’re inspired by the strength of the female form, featuring a sculpted bust charm on a fine hoop. A statement piece with an elegant touch, they’re the perfect gift for a one-of-a-kind loved one.

Make it personal with one of our classic Birthstone Pendants. For the March baby, aquamarine acts as a symbol of courage and clarity. Once used as a protective stone by those at sea, this necklace is the perfect addition to any Aries’s stack. For those born in April, opt for White Topaz. This understated gem is known as the ‘stone of truth’ and is thought to invite clarity into the wearer’s life.

Let them embrace their inner creativity with the Artisan Woven Ring. With an intricately carved woven texture set on a sleek band, this piece is just as original as it is wearable. Reminiscent of a vintage piece one may have picked up in a market, this statement ring looks unique enough even for the pickiest of tastes.

Bring a little sparkle to the hardest worker you know with our curated collection of Aries-proof pieces. From their quirky tastes to extroverted tastes, we’ve something for everyone.