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Gift Guide | What to Buy the Taurus in Your Life

If you’ve a Taurus in your life, you’re already a lucky individual. Grounded to their core, Taureans are a balanced and pragmatic breed. Don’t be fooled by their laid-back persona, though, the Taurus knows how and when to set boundaries which means they’re the best person to go to for advice. Ruled by Venus, the zodiac also has a highly sensual side. Due to this, they’ll always be the belle of the ball in any dressing-up situation. So, treat the Taurus in your life to something glitzy this year.

Zodiac Necklace

For both April and May-born Taureans, treat them to a stunning Zodiac plate. Set in 100% recycled sterling silver or 18ct gold-plating, these pendants feature ‘Taurus’ in a font nostalgic of retro ‘90s nameplates. A true elevated basic, it’s the ultimate addition to a jewellery lover’s collection.

Estée Lalonde Dome Ring

Taurus truly know how to appreciate the finer things in life, so treat them to a classic Estee Dome Ring. With a high-shine finish, and bold design, it’ll become a timeless keepsake in any earth sign’s jewellery box.

Double Rope Pearl Drop Earrings

Here’s where their Venus governing comes into play. Taurus loves anything that with a romantic side, and as pearls carry with them the association with eternal love, our Baroque Pearl Earrings will make an ideal gift. Handcrafted in either gold plating or sterling silver, they feature a double baroque freshwater pearl drop on a mini hoop. Text

Birthstone Necklace

A birthstone is a super sentimental gift that’ll show you’re thinking of them. If the Taurus in your life is April-born, their birthstone is White Topaz. The naturally sparkly stone is symbolic of empowerment, clarity, and individuality. Wearing it encourages the wearer to embrace their most authentic self, and help them to find the most intuitive way to approach challenges. For May-born Taureans, opt for emerald. The bright green stone has always been seen as a symbol of true love and is thought to invite meaningful connections into the wearer’s life.

Engraved Palm Ring

With a taste for all things traditional, any jewellery-sporting Taurus is bound to fall in love with our Engraved Palm Ring. Inspired by a family heirloom, the gem features a symmetrical leaf design engraved on a band ring. It’s a true can’t-go-wrong gift perfect for your nearest and dearest.

Gift a little glitz to the ever-grounded Taurus. From their ever-growing heart to their super chill persona, we’ve something to tick any Taurean’s boxes. And for more ideas, shop the edit HERE.