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From Dawn 'Til Dusk

Meet Your New Favourite Candles

We’re all about the energy of the sun and the moon here at Daisy, so there’s no surprise we decided to create two beautiful new celestial inspired candles. A play on the well known phrase we’ve brought you not one, but two new candles to choose from. Introducing From Dawn & 'Til Dusk, the perfect duo to get you through those days and nights at home.

Meet From Dawn; a sweet mix of Mandarin, Thyme, Orange Blossom, Violet and Amber, with subtle notes of Patchouli, Oakmoss and Cashmere Musks. Inspired by crisp winter mornings and the promise of the day.

 “Burn me all morning and I'll be with you all day.

And say hello to ’Til Dusk; a zingy blend of Cardamom, Grapefruit, Saffron and Bulgarian Rose, featuring bold undertones of Coffee, Leather and Vanilla. A celebration of the moon’s light and cosy winter nights.

 “Burn me all evening and I'll be with you all night.

To create our new Daisy candles we teamed up with fragrance artisans The Wax House, a family-run business who specialise in homeware scents and candle making. Based in lovely Lancashire The Wax House hand-pour every candle in natural wax, adding that personal and sustainable touch we love so much.

Adding some colour and intrigue to our From Dawn & ’Til Dusk candles is Bristol based illustrator Esme Lower, who’s incredibly unique artwork captures that feeling of morning light and evening dreaming so perfectly. We’re obsessed!

Did you know two wicks burn better than one? (we didn’t!) The beautifully complex fragrances of our candles burn at their best with two can thank us later. Each candle also comes in an amazing stone glass based vessel, smooth, weighty and reusable. After burning your candle bright it’s ready to be used as a desk tidy, vase or toothbrush holder! Simply wash with hot soapy warm water to remove residual wax. 

 How To Care For Your Candle

Caring for your candle is important, so here are a few easy steps to follow to ensure your candles burn bright and right for you.

- For the first burn light for 3-4 hours

- Keep the wicks trimmed to 6mm for the perfect flame

- When the wax gets to 10mm high, that’s when it’s time to say goodbye

Ready to add to your basket? We thought so, there’s nothing better than a cosy day or night, with your go-to drink in hand and your favourite candle lit.

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