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Behind The Collection | Palms

It all started with a gift. An heirloom. A piece of jewellery to be treasured forever.

At Daisy, we talk a lot about creating modern heirlooms. Pieces you could find in your mother’s or even grandmother’s jewellery box. Pieces you could pass down to your family in the future. So, after being gifted this engraved, jewelled bangle by her partner’s Nonna, Ruth, Daisy’s Creative Director and number one jewellery obsessive, was inspired to create our latest collection: Palms.

This is the bangle where it all began.

It’s pieces like the Palm Leaf Bobble Chain Necklace. Its palm leaf pendant design was taken directly from the engraving on Ruth’s bangle. "When I showed Dan's Nonna this piece, she was so touched and that in itself was such a magical thing to be able to do. To show her something that she passed down to me that we’re now able to share with the world. It was amazing”.

Then there are the Palm Ridge Drop Earrings. If you’ve been a fan of Daisy forever, you might just recognise the embellishment on these ultra-sophisticated drop earrings. Just as we ourselves get older and our styles change, so do we as a company. We’re constantly evolving to where we’re at now. These earrings are an ode to that. Our origin story and where we’re headed.

Now, if you like signet rings but don’t want a really big one, the Palm Leaf Signet Ring is a great place to start. Its subtle engraving catches the light beautifully for that timeless elegance (just how Ruth’s Nonna would have liked it).

“These are my all-time favourite earrings. I absolutely love them”.

Which earrings could Ruth possibly be talking about? We’ll give you a clue: with that eponymous palm motif, encased in black enamel, it can only be the Mini Palm Hook Earrings. These beauties would be perfect for adding some drama to your second or third piercing. Another favourite would have to be the Palm Engraved Drop Earrings. And now you can wear them together with the Palm Drop Earring Layering Set. Then again, if you’re the type of person that just wants to put a pair in and never take them out, the Palm Wrap Huggie Earrings are the ones for you.

Bringing in the ring department we’ve got the Palm Enamel Signet Ring. I mean, just look at him. Wear it on your index finger or your pinkie finger. He’s been a firm favourite in the office and apparently, you guys too. Wear it with the Hexagon Palm Band Ring, why not? “Really simple, really sophisticated. It looks great on everyone. Including myself,” says Ruth. We couldn't have put it better ourselves.

So, if you’re looking for jewellery that channels the elegance of the 1920s, reimagined to bring a bit of sparkle to the 2020s, then look no further than our latest Palms collection.