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Daisy Bloom | Behind The Scenes

These days we look forward to every time the Daisy girls have a chance to get together (not to mention it’s an excuse to get out the house)! So, when shoot day came for our latest collection, well, we were all Daisy Bloom-in excited. The jewellery was sorted, outfits were in, and the location, decided. We set our alarms for an early start, packed our bags, and headed off to the exotic surroundings of… Slough.

Ok, so it might not be as exciting as some of our shoot locations past, but listen, we’re living in different times! And just wait til you see the house. A sprawling mid-century home, this architect designed home was created with Californian coastal living in mind—and it was every bit Santa Monica Boulevard by way of Slough. It even had its very own lake in place of the ocean! Floor to ceiling sliding glass doors, oak-wood clad walls, and furniture straight from a seventies set. We were ready to up sticks and move. Without being too retro, it totally reflected the vibe of our Daisy Bloom collection: a modern take on the summer of ‘69.

We welcomed a familiar face, photographer Olivia Bossert, and our go-to videographer, Rebecca Munroe. As well as friend of the brand, Kara Rose Marshall who we featured on our Daisy & series (we’re a little obsessed with her handmade rugs) plus she lives and breathes that contemporary-vintage aesthetic that Daisy Bloom is all about. But the stars of the show were without question, Zack and Willow, our Creative Director, Ruth’s two children who dropped in with Dad and fiancé, Dan to help out with some styling and just be generally adorable. To be honest, it felt more like a get together with friends than a jewellery shoot. But that’s what summer of ‘69 fun is all about, right? To bring that carefree spirit with you wherever you are. Even if that’s Slough. In fact, all that was missing was a couple of cocktails—but those weren’t til later.

So, after a full day of shooting, some gorgeous looks and unforgettable outfits, it was a wrap. We gave ourselves a well-earned “cheers” and eagerly awaited the final shots. We hope you have as much fun wearing Daisy Bloom as we had making it. Don't forget to check out the full Daisy Bloom collection here.

With love,

Daisy x