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Get New Years Ready With Daisy

Everyone has their own take on what makes a good New Year’s Eve. Whether you prefer to crack open the champagne from the comfort of your living room or dance until the sun comes up (and the regret sets in), doing it in style is key. So, we’ve pulled together a few looks to keep you fresh right the way through to next year. Let’s make it a good one.

Quiet Night In

Skip the queues, entry fees and uncomfy outfits this year and celebrate from the comfort of your own home. A lowkey dinner or wine night with friends is always a winner and means you can relax a little on the outfit Use this time to focus on your inner self with our Healing collection. The Green Aventurine necklace encourages confidence and prosperity, while howlite is known to reduce stress and promote positivity. Check out the rest of the collection so you can carry good intentions all the way into 2023. Pair with matching Healing Huggies …..

Firework Display

Picture this: you’re wrapped up against the biting cold, scarf up to your eyeballs and clutching a hot chocolate as you await the resounding bang of the New Year’s first firework. Warmth is the aim of the game with the firework display - so take all precautions. From someone who’s been there, done that, don’t sacrifice a scarf in the name of a necklace, nor gloves to show off your blinged hands. We know it’s tempting but opt instead for a statement earring - it’s a nod to your fave pieces without waving goodbye to comfort. Let our Treasures Rope Pearl huggies dazzle under the flashing lights this New Year’s, or go for the Malachite Palm Drop studs if malachite’s more your thing.

Work Party

Alright, chances are you won’t be spending New Year’s Eve surrounded by colleagues, but some form of work gig is bound to rear its head at some point. Whether the thought fills you with dread or you’re looking forward to letting your hair down, there’s no denying that it’s a chance to show yourself in a different light. This year, be the belle of the work-do. Make a statement with something fun and colourful like the coral enamel huggie, which is bound to cause some coveting from your co-workers. Pair with the classic t-bar necklace for a look that’s equally fun and sophisticated.

The Club

There’s nothing more exhilarating - or perhaps panic-inducing - than the ten-second countdown into the new year. Especially when you’re surrounded by flashing lights, pumping music and the people you love. That’s why the club may just be the perfect place to spend your final few hours of 2022. Catch the spotlight with the Estee Lalonde Octagonal Necklace, and layer with the Personalised Nameplate to make introductions over blaring pop anthems that little bit easier. Go all-out glam and stack some rings too; we’re loving the Sunburst chunky ring right now for a night out.

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