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Lingerie To LOVE With Dora Larson

We caught up with Dora Larsen, our all time favourite lingerie brand, to talk body positivity, the power of colour, and how lingerie can be a love letter to ourselves…

Founded by Georgia Larsen (the brand’s named after her childhood pet!) she started off her career as a lingerie buyer for some of the UK’s biggest brands. But it wasn’t long until Georgia got itchy feet. Fast-forward to 2016 and Dora Larsen was born. Tired with tried and tested styles or overtly sexy designs, in Georgia’s words, hers “is the type of lingerie you don’t buy for a man’s gaze, you buy it for yourself—it’s comfortable and sexy, in a subtle way”.

On the subject of Valentine’s Day itself, she thinks “we should rewrite the narrative around it. In my opinion, it should be a day to celebrate the love between everyone, not just couples''. And how will she be spending it? “Surrounded by people I love, and practice acts of kindness for myself. A relaxing bath and a good podcast is always a good place to start!”.

Georgia’s designs are all about body inclusivity and an unexpected use of colour.

“Colour is very emotive, it can make you feel differently when you're in your lingerie”

Expect playful pastels and powerful prime colours: there’s a set for however you want to feel. What's more, the designs are as inclusive as they are vibrant, designed to be loved and worn by all body types, shapes, and sizes. “Only showing one type of model is totally unrelatable—we come in different shapes and sizes, after all!”

Ultimately, it’s a brand “for women who dress themselves”. And that’s why we love it. From caring for ourselves to caring for the planet, Dora Larsen’s approach to the environment really resonates. All of their collections are made in small batches, to reduce waste, plus they work closely with their suppliers to ensure the best quality and ethics are maintained.

So, whatever your relationship status, remember that the most important relationship in your life is the one you have with yourself. Whether that’s enjoying some ‘me’ time, finding ways to feel sexy in your own skin, or treating yourself to something special you’ve had your eye on for a while: celebrate self-love this Valentine’s Day.


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