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2022 All Wrapped Up

The year in numbers...

You loved treating yourself and others this year, 57% of orders were gifts.

Our Daisy chain continues to grow… We made 32,000 new friends this year, and we’ve loved having you along for the ride!

You guessed it - gold still wears the crown (but only just), 52% of you chose gold pieces whilst 48% went for silver.

You were all about stacking this year; rings were your most-loved style.

And our best-selling piece of the year goes to… Estée Lalonde Flow Ring Sterling in silver.

With help from our friends at 4ocean we removed 888,000 plastic bottles from our oceans.

But, it’s not all about numbers… From Paris perusing to dream magazine features, here’s what 2022 looked like over at Daisy HQ...

We kicked off the new year by giving back. In celebration of Random Acts of Kindness Day, we handed out flowers and jewellery to you all across London. It was also time for our first launch of the year, which saw the introduction of new essential chains, as well as a collection of ear cuffs for flawless ear stacking. Come Mother’s Day, we launched our Make it Meaningful bundle alongside two brand new locket designs - an extra special gift for the inspirational person in your life.

In mid-Spring, surrounded by our favourite people, we spent an evening dining at Mortimer House in Soho. Sipping on negronis and elderflower fizz, it was an exciting chance to share all the collections we’d been working on as well as some forever favourites from the Palms and Estée collections. It was our first time unveiling the incoming Zodiac nameplates and Beloved collection, a sneak peek of what was to come! For Earth Day in April, we took to the nearby canals for a cleanup. Wellington booted to the nines, the team spent the day fishing out litter and plastic waste to do our bit for the local community.

As we made our way into summer, ahead of us was a busy and buzzing few months of giveaways, collaborations and events. To get the season well and truly underway, our creative director Ruth took a fleeting trip to New York for some exciting meetings and, naturally, to see one or two of the sights. Meanwhile, we got the chance to work with some of our favourite brands including Arkitaip, Tona the Label, Gemma Styles and Evermore. We’d hardly let the canapés settle before our next launch dinner, announcing the upcoming arrival of our much-loved Treasures collection in June. And it wasn’t long until we could finally share it with you all, from sand wave textured pieces to stunning pearls and bright beads. Later, in August, powered by our high spirits and the summer heat, we headed to our local Notting Hill, as well as Soho and Covent Garden, for our Daisy’s London campaign. Kitted out in Daisy jumpsuits and armed with wicker baskets, we spent the afternoons handing out bunches of daisies (well, chamomiles, but we won’t tell if you don’t), and connecting with new and old friends of the brand. It was an amazing way to spread a little joy and made for lots of great Daisy in The Wild spots over on Instagram.

As summer drew to a close (and just as we thought it had started to quieten down), little did we know that around the corner was a huge Daisy milestone. In September, we got our first-ever feature in Vogue! Right there on the glossy pages excitedly passed around the office, were our very own Vita earrings. As the colder days started to set in, we quickly realised it was only just hotting up at Daisy. Soon followed our Zodiac collection, our first venture into nameplates, and the much-coveted Gemstones. In October, we headed to Paris with the wonderful Estée Lalonde to grab a few pics, and take a short break after the busy Summer season. And when we touched back down in London, it was time to move into our shiny new office(!). After one or two technical issues, it was a welcome relief to get all set up in the lovely Farringdon with the whole team around us.

When winter finally rolled around, it was all systems go. November brought in four (yes, four!) new collections. From birthstones to studs, we thought it was about time to give you the pieces you’d been asking for. Soon followed our most popular launch of this year: the personalised nameplate. Black pearls joined our Treasures collection, fashionably late, of course. And this was all in the midst of ongoing Christmas craziness, may I add. But if you thought the festivities ended there, you’d be wrong. In collaboration with Amie Wine, we hosted our first-ever pop-up and invited you all to come and try on jewellery IRL over glasses of delicious wine.

Finally, to top off the year, we announced our latest venture… into the world of podcasts. Speaking on significant life moments and the jewellery that carried us through it, Homegrown Daisy opens up the jewellery boxes of some of our favourite faces, including Gemma Styles and Cat Burns. Our first episode was with Estee Lalonde in honour of our most recent collaboration, Archive - which brought to life a handful of unseen designs from filed-away sketches.

And that’s a wrap! It’s been a jam-packed year: one of newness, growth, and all-around love. We made sure to celebrate the good times - and the people that made it so special. So, we say roll on 2023 and stay tuned for upcoming meet-ups, fabulous events and, of course, lots of gorgeous new jewellery. Let’s make it a good one!