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Daisy x Wish

Celebrating Women Everywhere

Daisy is a brand made by women, for women and championing them is at the forefront of what we do. In honour of International Women’s Day, from now until midnight on Monday 8th, we’re donating £5 from every order to Wish, a charity helping women with mental health needs in hospitals, prisons, and across the community. Their important work really resonates with us here at Daisy and alongside our donation, we’d like to spotlight what they do day-to-day and the amazing women behind the work…

"I want women to learn to swim not just tread water"

-Joyce Kallevik, Founder

About Wish...

Wish is a UK based charity working with women, they provide emotional support and practical guidance to women at all stages of their mental health journeys.

Wish is currently the only UK mental health charity solely for women. They are not only supporting these women throughout their journey, they campaign to get women's voices heard at a policy level and increase their participation in the mental health services they receive.

“Suddenly there was a group of women that I could go and talk to who had shared many of my experiences and also some lovely workers"

Wish employs 10 staff and 6 volunteers

Has 7 trustees along with 250 members and over 100 supporters

Their day-to-day work includes many aspects. The Community Link Project supports women in the community. Volunteers are also in daily contact with many women in prison who ring for emotional support and practical help. Wish has a counselling project running in Bethnal Green and in the North of England they have advocates who work in several psychiatric hospitals helping women with issues and to speak up at meetings too.

“To actually have someone to talk to about my family and kids and when I’d see them again was incredible…”

Their Impact…

Through their Community Link Project women have experienced positive changes across all their mental health, offending and social issues. Wish’s free therapy has also helped women find a more positive outlook on lives and improve their overall mental health.

To learn more about the Wish charity or get involved visit them at


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