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Turning A Passion Into A Career With Grace Grundy

It’s that time of the week where we sit down with a cuppa and get to know someone new. This week we were joined by singer/songwriter Grace Grundy. You may recognise her incredible covers as they’ve been featured on Love Island – and have over 57 million streams on Spotify! So grab yourself a drink and get to know the gal behind the voice.

How did your singing career begin?

“I began to put out covers on YouTube just as I left school. They organically grew so I continued to do them. I then moved over to Spotify and again people liked them and I began to grow. I kept rolling with it and I’m still doing it! I remember getting my first 1,000 streams and I was SO excited. It’s honestly been unreal, I didn’t think you could ‘sing’ as a job so seeing people reacting, sharing and loving my music through social media has been really cool and a big confidence builder.” 

What song over the years is the most special to you?

“Weirdly I wouldn’t say it’s the one that has been the most successful, but I really like the ‘Roses’ Chainsmoker mix because I love the song. It was really cool to sing and a lot of people have done dances to it which is really cool. Seeing other people put time into something based on what you’ve done is really amazing. Also, ‘Put Me Back Together’ was the Love Island song. I wasn’t expecting that one to be so good because I was singing in my higher register which I was quite shy about doing.”

What is it like writing and working with your boyfriend? 

“I slowly tangled my way closer to him by accident. Now I’m like ‘oh no I really rely on you for a lot of stuff’. I think it works well because we naturally evolved; we didn’t work together off the bat. We’ve kind of figured it out and we’re just enjoying it, there was no pressure on each other. But we argue so much, mainly due to me! I think you have to put your ego aside. He’s brilliant though, it’s cool writing with him because there’s a subconscious understanding for what I want and what music I like so I don’t have to re-explain myself a lot.” 

What have you got planned for the next few months?

“Well I’m meant to be in LA right now writing some original music so hopefully I’ll be able to do that before the end of the year. I really want to start releasing my own music, which is terrifying but so exciting. I also really want to get more covers out because I haven’t been able to do as many recently, life kind of got in the way of it.”

What are you doing in terms of your covers in lockdown?

“I’ve been testing out a few instead of rushing in, I’m trying to take my time a bit more. I’ve just been messing around and trying to work out a good cover. I’ve also been doing duets with friends for my IGTV.”

Daisy Community Questions

Who is your favourite artist? 

Lennon Stella. It does change but I’ve loved her since I was younger. She started out on YouTube and now is a recording artist and has just released an album, which is insanely good. She is just really cool!” 

Where would you rather vacation Hawaii or Alaska? 

“Alaska. I love the sun but I’d really like to see Alaska.” 

What is your favourite childhood memory? 

“We used to live in the middle of nowhere, it’s not a specific memory it’s just running around with no shoes on and being free and wild” 

What programs do you use to make covers?

“We used Logic to record all of my covers.”

What is your favourite pie filling?

“I love pie! My favourite filling is chicken and leek.”

Are you touring when lockdown is over? 

“I’d love to tour but I’ll have to see. I’m trying to do everything one step at a time, release music first and see if people like it enough then hopefully get to touring.”

What is your all time favourite song?

“I go in full waves with songs. At the moment it’s Lennon Stella ‘Older Than I Am’. It’s so pretty. And Jacob Banks ‘Unknown to You’ is really good as well.”

Where is your favourite place to be? 

“I love being at home, I’m an absolute home kid, or anywhere with my dog.” 

How have you found lockdown? 

“It’s been a rollercoaster. I was really excited at the start because I’m quite an introvert. I thought ‘cool I can just be alone all the time’ but now I really miss my friends and family. I miss just going and getting a coffee. I’m either really, really flat or really level, there’s no in-between. I honestly didn’t realise how important human connection was until all this happened. I’m so excited to try and be slightly different when it’s all over, I will be the first at every party and last to leave! See people more and really make the effort.”

Quick Fire Questions!

 What has been your favourite quarantine snack? 

“Everything! This is slightly embarrassing but i’ve really been into salt and vinegar crisps and cheese, it’s so good! Or cashew nuts, which is a slightly healthier one.”

What show have you been watching recently? 

“Killing Eve! It’s so good! All the colours and the art direction is amazing! Her clothes are amazing! It’s comic and violent, so I have to look away sometimes, but it’s really beautifully made.” 

What is the biggest lesson you have learned in lockdown?

“I’ve learnt I really need fresh air. Even just opening a window or going out for a walk has really helped. Also I’ve been trying to think about this quote from my singing teacher every day, ‘as we go along’, instead of always jumping 10 steps ahead and worrying.”

What are you reading and listening to lately? 

“Reading wise, I won’t lie, it’s a comic book called Calvin & Hobbes. It’s about a tiger and a little boy. It’s really old school and really funny, with some great one liners.

Most unusual quarantine purchase? 

“This probably isn’t weird for anyone else but i’ve been ordering lots of yoga equipment. I’ve never been into yoga before but I’m really loving it. I’ve got a yoga mat which my family were really shocked about.”


If you’re loving Grace as much as we are, be sure to follow her on instagram @Gracegrundy and listen to all of her amazing covers on her Spotify!