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Instagram Worthy Nail Art With @overglowedit

This week on #homegrowndaisy we chatted with Melanie from @overglowedit. We first fell in love with Melanie, and her incredible nail art, after she tagged us in an Instagram post wearing one of our Estée collection rings. Ever since then we have been desperate to learn how to do Melanie’s super cool nail art on our own. Now we all have a little more time on our hands we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to learn and share with everyone how to recreate Melanie’s nails for ourselves.

How did you get started with your Instagram?

“I’ve always been into skincare and beauty and I had a lot of co-workers and friends ask me for advice so I used to them all my suggestions written on post-its. In the end I thought it would be easier to start an Instagram! I started off just sharing skincare but now it has evolved into beauty, jewellery, fashion, nail art, home décor and even my cats.”

How long have you been painting your nails and what made you start nail art?

“I’ve been painting my nails at home since I was a teenager. It was something me and my sisters used to do together. I was inspired by the pictures I saw on Instagram of different nail art and wanted to recreate it for myself!”

What is your favourite topcoat and base coat?

“My favourite topcoat is one by Static Nails because it gives your nails a very glassy look and for the base coat, I love Cirque Colours ‘Hold Fast’ because it’s thin and dries very quickly.”

How do you keep your nails so healthy?

“I massage Cirque Colours Green Tea cuticle oil into my cuticles every night. I also buff out my nails, use a cuticle softener and generally try not to fuss with them too much”

What Daisy rings are you wearing today?

“I’m wearing the Sunburst Signet Ring and the Trinity ring oh, and the Goddess Medallion bracelet as well!”

Do you find you’re wearing more or less jewellery during lockdown?

“I’m still mixing it up quite a lot. I tend to wear different pieces depending on my outfit!’

Now it’s time to get Melanie’s nails for yourself!

What you’ll need:

  • Base Coat
  • Topcoat
  • 5 different coloured nail polishes

Step 1: Start with a base coat to protect your nails. Melanie is using the Cirque Colours Hold Fast base coat. Begin in the middle of your nail and use the excess to paint the sides. Be sure to apply a thin coat in order to save on drying time.

Step 2: Using one of your nail colours (Melanie is using all Cirque Colours nail polishes in the shades: Robin, Pistachio, Urbanized, Rose Kaolin and Arabesque) start in the middle of your nail and create a wave upwards then another wave connecting to the top of your nail. Try not to overload your brush with excess polish as it will make it more difficult to paint.

Step 3: Colour in the space inside the wavy lines with the remainder of the polish.

Step 4: Repeat steps 2 & 3 on all your nails – remember you don’t have to be perfect with your lines, each nail will look different.

Step 5: Using a q-tip or the small brush (eyeliner brush or even a small paint brush) dip it in some acetone and clean up the lines.

Step 6: Finally go in with your topcoat, Melanie is using a topcoat by Static Nails, to give a glossy shine to your now Instagram worthy nails!

If you need more nail art inspiration don’t forget to follow Melanie @overglowedit on Instagram.