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Meet The Daisy Team

This year we’re celebrating the women who make Daisy bloom.

There are 16 of us who identify as female here, making up over 75% of our workforce. We’re proud that four out of six senior leadership roles are filled by women. Our female staff speak five languages and take care of four children, seven dogs and a cat called Phoebe between us, plus many, many houseplants.

Here’s to the women who make us who we are...

Beth | Head Of Operations

Part of the furniture, Beth has worked in Operations at Daisy for nearly 6 years. With a background in home interiors and events, she’s done every Ops job under the sun! Keeping all operational wheels turning, if you’ve got a question, Beth will know the answer.

Did you know? A true salesperson at heart, Beth can sell anything, to anyone (Most recently 70x Koi Karp fish…)

Sally | Marketing Director

Joining Daisy as a brand consultant all those moons ago, Sally has been Daisy’s Marketing Director for nearly seven years now. Dropping true marketing magic everywhere she goes, Sally also co-owns Behold Studio, a marketing agency that helps creators and brands grow. Our resident green fingers, Sally’s also an expert forager and floral wizard!

Did you know? I’m the only one in my family not obsessed with golf - three close family members are all professional golfers!

Ruth | Creative Director

Moving to London to become a rock star, Ruth joined Daisy as the seed was being planted running every errand under the sun, before quickly taking over the creative reins. A true virgo in every sense, there’s a spreadsheet for everything. The rockstar dream never came true, but with 2 kids, endless jewellery collections and a team of brilliant people around her, she’s in her dream job.

Did you know? Lindsey Lohan stole a Daisy ring off her finger at a Brit Awards party in 2010

Charlotte | Influencer Marketing Executive

Photographer, proud plant mum and generous baker, Charlotte came to Daisy in 2019. Joining from WGSN, forecasting fashion trends for the Asian street style market. Looking after all influencer relationships and gifting, if anyone, anywhere is wearing Daisy… Charlotte knows about it.

Did you know? I used to live in Hong Kong.

Hannah | Digital Marketing Executive

A Fashion Communication graduate, Hannah landed her first marketing job fresh out of uni for a designer eyewear brand. It was here she fell for all things e-comm. Joining the Daisy team in 2020 she soon became the talent behind our beautiful product pages and landing pages. Our Daisy fashionista, Han knows every emerging trend.

Did you know? Han was a competitive pole vaulter for over 7 years.

Kate | Project Coordinator

Kate’s love for jewellery began when she worked in a jewellery shop as a teenager. From there Kate worked in events before joining Daisy mid-lockdown in 2020 as a Project Assistant. Helping across every department, if you can name it, she’s assisted with it. Now, Kate is the brains behind every project and event, when it comes to getting stuff organised Kate is your girl.

Did you know? Kate can quote every episode of friends.

Winnie McCarthy | Product and Quality Executive

Winnie started her working career at one of our favourite coffee shops, Pret, 11 years ago. Since pret, Winnie has worked in Sales & Marketing for both beauty and events as well as a stint in HR and Recruitment, before finding her home at Daisy in 2019. Starting as a temp and working her way up through the Operations team, Winnie is also our resident ‘Fun Manager’, planning all of our team events from sip and paint to axe throwing.

Did you know? I’ve never broken a bone and I used to dance Maracatu in a Brazilian drum band that my mum played for.

Katie | Social Media Executive

The master of all things social and the ultimate meme queen, Katie has experience in multiple areas of the fashion & social media industry. Joining the Daisy chain in 2021, Katie brings endless style and creativity, with high profile shoots under her belt for the likes of Converse, Office, Topshop and more.

Did you know? Katie is terrified of popcorn (don’t ask)

Shelley | Email Marketing Executive

While studying Marketing at University, Shelley started her own fashion blog and Instagram. Learning on the job Shelley began her first internship at a Brick Lane Jewellery Store before a placement for a Social Media Agency. Joining in 2019, Shelley started her Daisy career in Social Media, now she is our CRM Marketing expert (and trust us she knows her stuff).

Did you know? Shelley is our bilingual queen speaking both English and German fluently, even if she did just find out fish is also plural… not fishes.

Chloe | Customer Relations Executive

Chloe is a Fashion Management & Marketing graduate.Her love for street style gives her the ‘cool girl’ look we all envy. Chloe had worked in Customer Service for 4 years, starting at Petit Bateau, a designer French clothing brand known for its childrenswear. Joining our Customer Service team in 2021 she is the definition of service with a smile.

Did you know? I’m the happiest adopted kid.

Mia | Offline Sales Executive

Mia started her career working in a range of different fields (Retail, Pharmaceutical and FinTech) before finally surrendering to her true calling in life, working in the creative industry! As she always says ‘Do what you love and you’ll love what you do’. Mia not only works at Daisy full time she also independently does social media management for other brands and works as a content creator, running her own fashion and lifestyle Instagram account.

Did you know? Mia is a massive foodie! Not only does she love to eat, her love for food goes much deeper than that. Her dad was a chef, so she grew up watching him cook and being his su-chef. She is constantly learning new recipes and trialling with the team (which we love!)

Meg | Marketing Manager

Starting as a Marketing Assistant for a local Cornish jewellery brand way back when, Meg since swapped the seaside for the big smoke working in PR, Marketing and Events across beauty publishing and fashion before finding her home at Daisy in March 2020 (mere days before lockdown 2.0)

Did you know? Meg was a film extra in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

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