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The Daisy ‘Best Of’ Awards

The time has come. The end of the year is upon us...

So what better moment to share with you some of our all-time favourite Daisy jewellery? We sat down with Ruth Bewsey, our Creative Director, to talk us through some of her go-to pieces, from our first-ever collection with Estée Lalonde to our most recent, Christmas-ready, Palms.

The Best Layering Necklace

And the award for best layering necklace goes to [drumroll please] the Stacked Linked Chain Necklace. What else could it be? You can wear this with literally everything. With a t-shirt, with a 'shirt shirt', with layered with chains or a feature necklace. Or just by itself! If you only ever buy one layering necklace, make it this one.

The Best Pieces For Pared-Back Styling

We've gone one better and created an entire little look for you with these three. Ruth's go-to on a shoot for that little extra sprinkle of sparkle is the Isla Tidal Twist. Wear that with the ultra-versatile Estée Lalonde Forever Necklace, featuring a nifty slider so you can wear it long or as a choker depending on your other jewellery (told you it was versatile). Pair these two with our Malala Huggie Hoop Earrings, and you've got yourself a low-key look that still packs a punch. In Ruth's words, it’s "so beautiful, so delicate, so pared-back".

The Best Everyday Earrings

This was a really tough one, but it has to be the Meryl Huggie Hoop Earrings because you can put her in, leave her in, and wear her every day. She’s the ultimate +1 that will join you wherever you go.

The Best Rings To Make A Statement

When it comes to making a statement, the award would have to go to the Signet Ring. They've shed their stuffy reputation and have become the new cocktail ring and our favourites for creating an extra statement look. For some seriously put together styling, go for the Estée Lalonde Goddess Signet Ring, our latest Hexagon Palm Signet Ring, or the Palms Enamel Signet Ring for something a little chunkier.

The Best Feature Necklace

Nomadland may have won 'Best Feature Film' at last year's Oscar, but the award for best feature necklace goes to… the Estée Lalonde Octagonal Necklace. From our first-ever collection with Estée, this beauty is an oldie but a goodie. Then again, the Vita Necklace definitely deserves an honourable mention. I mean, look at her! With her bum and boobs out, she can't not grab your attention!

The Best rings for stripped-back stacking

And the nominees for ‘best rings for stripped-back stacking include [oh wow, there’s a lot of Estée in here]: the Estée Lalonde Sunburst Stacking Ring, the Estée Lalonde Chunky Stacking Ring, the Estée Lalonde Thea Stacking Ring, the Isla Coral Stacking Ring, and last but not least, the Vita Lips Stacking Ring. And the award goes to… the Estée Lalonde Chunky Stacking Ring. Though we love the Vita Lips Stacking Ring, when it comes to stripped-back stacking, it had to be the chunky stacking ring. That said, the best part is you don’t have to choose just one. Just see how these five look together!

We hope you enjoyed our Daisy 'Best Of' awards. It's been quite the roller coaster of a year. It began with a lockdown and finished with our first in-person meet up in over two years! Who knows how it's going to end. So, stay tuned to find out what we've got in store for you in 2022.