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Everything You Need To Know About Moon Signs

With a new moon occurring last week, we thought now would be the perfect time to catch up with our friend Tamara, a crystal healer, tarot card reader and author of two mystical books. Tamara is all about creating experiences whether that’s through doing readings for people or events that allow people to tune into themselves and their emotions. Her journey started with an interest in crystals and spirituality which lead Tamara on a path of self-healing.

What are the differences between star signs and moon signs?

Often people say they don’t relate to their star sign or horoscope, but we are so much more than just our star sign. Star signs are the easiest for newspapers and magazines to write horoscopes about because they are based around the zodiac birth calendar which, generally spans over the course of a month. However, all the other planets in our solar system will be influencing and bringing a different energy to us. No two signs are the same even if they are born on the same day because the planets will be in different alignments at different hours in the day. Your star sign is really what you’re here to do, your life purpose, but your moon sign is your more emotional sign. The easiest way to think about it is, a moon sign is the side of a person you would get to know on holiday. The things they need around them to feel safe, supported and secure. Our moon sign is how we connect to the world around us, how we show love and we receive love. It’s usually big events in your life where understanding moon signs is the most helpful.

How do relationships work between different signs?

There are planets that balance each other out, you might not be a compatible star sign but elements from your moon sign or other signs will help to balance out and make the relationship work. There might be elements that aren’t compatible but when we know the bits that clash it makes it easier to communicate in a relationship.

Quick debrief of signs traits…

Aries moon signs want their independence; they crave freedom and are triggered when things aren’t happening quickly, or they are blocked. They love to be spontaneous and are quick to find a solution

A Taurus moon sign loves being around the home, stability and security are important to them. They love being around nature and are very slow and need to do things in their own time. They can also be quite stubborn with their emotions.

A Cancer moon is naturally very emotional, nurturing and sensitive. They love to give and be appreciated for what they give.

A Gemini moon is very chatty, they don’t want to talk about feelings, but they want to understand how things work. They don’t want to feel emotions they want to process them internally.

A Leo moon wears their heart on their sleeve, they can be quite dramatic, and they love attention. They are drawn to drama and action.

A Libra moon likes harmony, they want everyone to get on. They like balance and equality and love the connection that comes from relationships.

A Scorpio moon can be very intense, with deep feelings and emotions. They are very intuitive and tend to pick up on clues other people haven’t noticed.

A Sagittarius moon is optimistic and outgoing. They love trying new things. They are carefree, adventurous and bold.

Capricorn moon loves work, they show their love through work. They like goals and setting goals with other people.

An Aquarius moon loves their freedom, they don’t want to be too committed, they want connection, but they don’t want people to be too emotionally needy.

A Pieces moon is dreamier and more creative. Very intuitive but also very sensitive.

Do people with the same moon signs get on better?

Yes, because you understand what the other person needs. You feel similar emotions towards things. However, it still depends what is going on with other planets, there still might be things that clash. There is an app called Co-star’ which tells you how compatible you are with certain friends. There are other signs that come into play with compatibility, each sign adds a different element to yourself or your relationship

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Daisy Community Questions...

How to live with a Gemini moon?

Gemini Moons often love to analyse things and it can be hard to pin down their thoughts, because they’re known to be super active, intellectually. So understanding their communication style can really help. It’s important to understand your own moon sign as well. Make sure you’re supporting yourself and giving yourself what you need. Do what makes you feel good first because then it is easier to navigate a relationship. It’s a lot of pressure to put on one person to give you everything you need especially when you’re not giving it to yourself.

How does the new moon affect your sleep?

Everyone is different. I recommend tracking your sleep, sometimes it won’t be the moon it will something you did before bed, what did you did throughout the day or even what you ate that might affect the way you sleep. People can be so quick to blame to moon but be sure to first check in with what’s going on and what has happened in the day.

Best crystals for healing and anxiety during this time?

I actually have an IGTV on my Instagram where I go through all the crystals and how they clear your energy. I have always tried to avoid prescribing crystals too much because what causes one-person anxiety might be very different to someone else. It’s not a one size fits all, different crystals will resonate with different people. However, my go-to crystals for anxiety are Selenite, Black Tourmaline, Rose Quartz and Sodalight. They are all more solid crystals; they don’t let the light through as easily. This means their energy is slower and clarifying which can be good to help clear your mind.

What is an ideal new moon ritual?

New moons are all about setting intentions, your new moon rituals could be something simple like writing a list of things you want to open up to, things you would like to happen in your life, limiting beliefs you want to transform or things you want to start accepting about yourself. It could be lighting a candle and saying an affirmation or creating a crystal grid or a vision board. Something that signifies a new beginning; cleaning out your bedroom, getting rid of loads of clutter, doing an energy cleanse, putting fresh bedsheets on and being open to a new beginning.

With this new moon, is there anything in particular for each moon sign to start?

Each new moon will fall into a zodiac sign. The current new moon is in Taurus Season. Each zodiac season has different elements they are good for. Taurus new moon is the perfect time to do something around self-care, nourishment and the environment. The full moon in Libra, like we had two weeks ago, was all about relationships. Each new moon is a way to breakdown different elements of your life to work on.

To dive deeper into the world of astrology and crystals follow Tamara @_wolfsister on Instagram and check out her books ‘The Crystal Code’ and ‘Luna’ (Coming August 2020). And we know you are dying to figure out your own star and moon sign asap! Tamara had recommended Astrostyle.comto answer all your birth chart questions. For further reading and Astrology learning, be sure to check out Chani Nicholas’ book ‘You Were Born for This’and @Bennydrama7on Instagram as recommended by Tamara!

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