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Monday Masterclass | Together With Estée Lalonde

It’s the one you’ve been waiting for! Yes, this week’s Monday Masterclass is an extra special one. We sat down with the style queen herself, Estée Lalonde, to talk through our latest collection: Together. And she did not disappoint. We talked about where the inspiration for the collection came from, where she is in her life right now, and of course, how to style them. Over to Estée:

“I feel like my tastes have changed and evolved so much over the years. The Together collection is just super sophisticated, structural, and smooth. How I feel in my life right now! I’m 31, I’m running a business, I’m thinking about the future—and I just want to feel like my life is put together.”

“These babies are a gorgeous statement without being too in your face. You could wear them on a date, during the day. Anywhere!”. Or if you like the shape but are after something a bit smaller, there’s the Estée Lalonde Mini Dome Huggie Earrings or Estée Lalonde Midi Dome Hoop Earrings.

Then there’s these guys. “These are so pretty. They’re thick, but they’re not too big. They’re such a gorgeous little pop.” Again, if maxi’s not your style, we’ve got you covered. They’re available in the form of the Estée Lalonde Mini Bold Huggies and the Estée Lalonde Midi Bold Hoop Earrings.

“Ok, so you know when you go to get your nails done, and they say “do you want your nails done square or oval and you say squoval?” Well, these are our squoval earrings!”. And you guessed it, they’re available as the Estée Lalonde Mini Square Hoop Earrings too.

“When I was thinking about this collection, I knew London was going to be my main source of inspiration. These are my strutting around town, making business happen pieces! I hope they empower and inspire you to feel… put together.”

“So, what I really wanted to do in this collection is create pieces that you could layer with my other collections. That ties them together!”. This necklace does just that.

“What I really like doing with this chain is getting a ring and putting it on your chain”. Here she uses the Estée Lalonde Together Band Ring, but you can do this with any of your rings. It’s a great way to mix up your jewellery and create a new look. A sort of DIY version of the Estée Lalonde Sisterhood Necklace or the Estée Lalonde Unity Ring Necklace. “I’m actually wearing this necklace around my wrist right now! I’ve just wrapped it around three times to create a bracelet.” Don’t tell us we’re not versatile!

“It’s everything you could possibly need to make yourself look a little more put together.”

“For me, rings are such a crucial part of all of my jewellery collections. So I knew that the rings for Together had to be immaculate. That’s why I’ve gone for this amazing dome-shaped design. They look super cool worn double stacked or alone.”

“I am just loving this signet ring. It goes with absolutely everything. It really ties a look together”.

And that’s what this collection is all about. Feeling put together, tying all four collections together, and most importantly: feeling like we’re in this together!

Get it Together and shop the collection today!