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The Black Makers Edit

Meet La Basketry

A familiar face around here now, Tabara needs no introduction. Previously featured in our Artisan collection campaign, Tabara also joined Daisy Creative Director Ruth for an Instagram live workshop. It was here we learnt how to use Tabara’s DIY Basket Weaving kit, which we are incredibly excited to be selling this Christmas as part of our Black Makers Edit.
Tabara’s kits compliment a jewellery gift perfectly this Christmas. When it’s complete, you can keep all your jewellery in it!

So how does it work we hear you ask...?


1.When you buy Twine Basket Kit from the Black Makers Edit, 100% of the sale price goes directly to La Basketry.

2. Every time an item is sold from the Edit, we donate £5 to our Black Makers Fund. The makers have each selected a charity for this fund to split amongst. Tabara has chosen Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, a charity working to create a fairer and more inclusive society in which everyone can succeed regardless of race, ethnicity or background via high impact programmes in the built environment, schools & further education, and the community.

3. When you shop, you will also have the option to make an additional donation to the Black Makers Fund.
The idea for La Basketry came from her many trips to her hometown of Thies in Senegal. Tabara would join the girls weaving, getting a better understanding of the craft and beauty of the process. Tabara initially set up La Basketry as an online shop working with a small group of female basket weavers on stylish homeware. There’s something so beautifully unique when you walk into a courtyard and you see a group of women weaving together, laughing, kids running around.

“Learning to weave baskets has really allowed me to reconnect with my hands - the tactile and physical nature of weaving, coupled with the rhythmic and repetitive technique are the perfect way to keep your mind and senses fully occupied.” 

Now, with fashion accessories, a craft book, basket-weaving kits and more, the brand celebrates everything ‘woven’, with its heart in Senegal.

Explore the edit and the beautiful products available here.